Lee Chan-won, very active in ‘High-end Water Strider’
Lee Chan-won, very active in ‘High-end Water Strider’
Singer Lee Chan-won has been reborn as the custom MC for ‘High-End Water Strider’.

Chan-won Lee demonstrated his skillful hosting skills on KBS2's 'High-End Water Strider' on the 21st and led the program stably. In addition to the consumption trends seen as an 'economics student', the chemistry with Yang Se-hyung, Yang Se-chan, Cho Hyun-ah, and money trainer Kim Kyung-pil was also taken care of.

In 'High-End Water Strider', Lee Chan-won is receiving a positive response from the first broadcast as it shows a glimpse of frugal spending habits. Chan-won Lee said, “I don’t have a car at all, and I use car sharing,” and added a story that everyone can relate to, including an anecdote about experiencing an increase in the price of cabbage.

While 'High-End Water Strider' was first aired, Lee Chan-won showed his affection for the program by revealing that he studied the script for 10 hours at the production presentation. Lee Chan-won, who has been serving as the MC for 'Immortal Songs', is also expected to be active as he leads KBS2's new entertainment show steadily.

'High-End Water Strider', started by Lee Chan-won, is an exhibition in which four MCs, who are famous 'Jantech' experts in the entertainment industry, and Kim Kyung-pil, an economic expert, look at the consumption logs of viewers who want consumer life solutions and provide smart consumption know-how and solutions. This is a national wealth maker project.

It can be seen on KBS2's 'High-End Water Strider', which airs every Tuesday at 8:55 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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