Kim Dong-hyun, confession of family history
Kim Dong-hyun, confession of family history
Kim Dong-hyun revealed his family history.

ENA's original entertainment show 'When I Open My Eyes OOO' (directed by Je-min Ahn) is a story of the real, everyday survival of stars who suddenly find themselves living the life of OOO one day.

In the 3rd episode of 'When I Open My Eyes OOO', which will be aired on the 23rd (Thursday), 'Hanoi rickshaw puller' Kim Dong-hyun and 'Taipei arts high school student' Kwon Eun-bi will show off how they have perfectly adapted to the Nth life. In particular, Kim Dong-hyun, who ambitiously took on the challenge of operating alone without a veteran rickshaw driver, Rum-hyung, is raising curiosity by saying that he is really exploding his sales power.

On this day's broadcast, Dong-Hyun Kim exudes unique chemistry as he meets Korean tourists who are welcoming him in Hanoi. Kim Dong-hyun, who was very enraged after meeting guests with whom he had difficulty communicating for the first time in a long time, complained, "'Physical 100' is not difficult. Rickshaws are more difficult," making him laugh, while also voluntarily gifting a commemorative photo service and driving a rickshaw full of energy. Unfolding.

In addition, Kim Dong-hyun responded to a customer's joke that he was a photographer by profession and was sensitive to photo quality, saying, "I'm only good at taking photos because I get scolded by my wife so much," and gave TMI tips to a customer who was planning to raise two children. Rumor has it that they do. Accordingly, expectations are rising for the performance of Kim Dong-hyun, who has been reborn as a sales king on the second day of rickshaw operation in Hanoi.

Meanwhile, on this day, groom-to-be Jo Se-ho explodes his curiosity about the 'mother-in-law-son-in-law relationship' of Kim Dong-hyun, his senior in marriage. Seeing a young couple traveling to Hanoi with their mother-in-law, Kim Dong-hyun and his mother-in-law asked about their travel experiences.

In response, Kim Dong-hyun boasted of their close relationship, saying, "Not only do I travel, but I also live with my mother-in-law." In response to Jo Se-ho's concern, "Isn't my mother upset?" he said, "My mother probably doesn't know that my mother-in-law is always with me." It is said that he will bring laughter to those around him by passing on the simple secrets of family peace.

ENA's original entertainment show 'When I Open My Eyes OOO' will air three episodes on ENA at 9 pm on the 23rd (Thursday).

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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