Lee Gyu-hyung, “I lost 23kg in 2 months”
Lee Gyu-hyung, “I lost 23kg in 2 months”
Actor Lee Gyu-hyung revealed that he lost 23 kg for the character.

Actor Lee Gyu-hyung appeared as a special MC on the SBS entertainment show 'My Little Old Boy' (hereinafter referred to as 'My Little Old Boy'), which aired on the 19th.

On this day, Kyu-hyung Lee, a famous 'Song Kang-ho fan' in the entertainment industry, revealed that in the past, after finishing the Daehakro performance to see Song Kang-ho, he rushed to the filming site to take on the role in which he had a punctured role.

Lee Gyu-hyeong said, “There was a project in which a close school junior participated as an assistant director, and he contacted me saying that they suddenly needed someone for a role and I was the only one they could think of.”

He continued, "I was very tired after performing twice in one day, so it was difficult because they asked me to come all the way to Namyangju. When I asked what kind of work it was, they said it was a movie called 'Contemplation.' So I asked who would be appearing, and they said that seniors Kim Hye-soo and Lee Jung-jae would appear, and senior Song Kang-ho would also appear. “I said I would go right away after hearing that,” he added. The role that led to my appearance was that of an internal officer.
Lee Gyu-hyung, “I lost 23kg in 2 months”
Lee Gyu-hyung, “I lost 23kg in 2 months”
Lee Kyu-hyung recently appeared in the drama 'Uncle Samsik' with Song Kang-ho and was reborn as a 'successful nerd.' He explained, "This is senior Song Kang-ho's drama debut. It's about a man called 'Uncle Three' who feeds him three meals a day even during wartime." He announced that he would appear as a member of the National Assembly and as a candidate for Prime Minister.

At the same time, Lee Kyu-hyung jokingly said, "Senior Song Kang-ho is a new actor because it is his drama debut. He is quite a rookie."

Lee Kyu-hyung also revealed an anecdote about losing 23 kg for a character in the past movie 'My Dictator'. He said, “I played the role of an activist student being tortured by the Central Intelligence Agency. “I think I lost weight for two months because the director asked me to lose weight due to my skin and bones,” he said, explaining that he had reduced his weight to 56kg.

Looking at the photo at the time, Lee Kyu-hyung said, “Originally, in that scene, I was only wearing dirty panties. I removed everything from my body except the skin, and because I removed so much, my abs came out. “When the light was on in the interrogation room, my abs were so clear that I looked like a boxer.”

He continued, “The director told me to bring my underclothes because they were dirty, so I wore them because my abs looked clear and good on screen. If I was going to wear that, there was no need to take it off like that. That face appeared in the early 60kg. “I almost starved myself for two weeks to lose the remaining weight,” he said regretfully.

When Shin Dong-yeop said, “That’s why you have a bad expression,” Lee Kyu-hyung said, “It’s a very uncomfortable expression,” making everyone laugh.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google