Eun Ji-won, ‘All A’ report card revealed
Eun Ji-won, ‘All A’ report card revealed
Eun Ji-won was diagnosed with adult ADHD.

In the SBS entertainment show 'My Little Old Boy' (hereinafter referred to as 'My Little Old Boy') that aired on the 19th, Eun Ji-won, Kim Jong-min, and Kim Hee-cheol were shown receiving tests for adult ADHD.

Eun Ji-won was diagnosed with adult ADHD in the past on 'All The Butlers'. Kim Hee-chul also said to Kim Jong-min, “Don’t you deserve to be tested?” and “In fact, Ji-won’s brother is the worst.” They revealed their records from their school days after hearing that adult ADHD is closely related to childhood.

Eun Ji-won was an excellent student who received all grades up to the 6th grade of elementary school. In the teacher's opinion section, it was written, "He is intelligent and smart, but he is distracted. He is self-centered and selfish."

Kim Hee-chul was so diligent that he had perfect attendance for all three years, but his report card was full of 'bad taste'. He was surprised and said, “Did I study so poorly?” In the teacher's opinion section, it was stated, "He has a cheerful and cheerful personality, but his academic performance fluctuates greatly and his surroundings are distracting."

Kim Jong-min boasted, saying, “I have good morals.” The teacher's opinion included the following: "He was unable to think calmly and had a lack of motivation to learn." The common assessment of the three people was that they were ‘distracted’.
Eun Ji-won, ‘All A’ report card revealed
Eun Ji-won, ‘All A’ report card revealed
As a result of going to the hospital and getting tested for ADHD, Kim Jong-min was found to be alert from inattentive. The expert said, “Because ADHD is diagnosed before the age of 12, it continues into adulthood, and it would have been controlled.” Next, in response to the comment, "I have low confidence and lack self-esteem," Kim Jong-min affirmed, "I'm not good at expressing myself. I'm afraid I'll get criticized."

They also showed sensitivity to ‘fraud’. I wrote 'fraudsters' on the thing that made me most angry, and 'fraud' on the thing that made me most anxious. Kim Jong-min said, "I was scammed a lot. Even when I asked to see my bankbook, they deceived me by saying, 'You don't trust me?'" He then confessed, “I almost got scammed by voice phishing.”

The results showed that Kim Hee-chul had severe mood swings and was slightly hypomanic. The expert diagnosed, "He has a lot of anger. He has explosive behavior and cannot tolerate injustice, but he is normal."

Eun Ji-won was diagnosed with ‘ADHD-like symptoms.’ In situations such as poor auditory attention and concentration, depression occurs, positive emotions are lacking, and social sensitivity is low. Also, when I said that I tend to feel that people's thoughts have nothing to do with me, Eun Ji-won confessed, "I sleep when I'm sleepy, and I don't sleep when I'm not sleepy. When I play games, I play for two days and one night."

Eun Ji-won confessed, "I feel a lot of stress about having to be exposed to people. Smiling is the hardest thing in the world. Getting angry is easier." The expert advised, "ADHD also has its advantages. Creativity is high. Since you know yourself accurately today, you can work hard from now on."

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google