Park Seo-jin, only 15% of finger ligaments remain
Park Seo-jin, only 15% of finger ligaments remain
Singer Park Seo-jin injured her finger.

In KBS 2TV's 'Housekeeping Men Season 2' (hereinafter referred to as 'Housekeeping Men'), which will be aired on the 18th, Park Seo-jin's younger sister Hyo-jung will be shown providing close care to her brother who injured his finger.

While helping at the dried fish store run by her parents, Park Seo-jin injured one of her fingers and had to wear a cast. Even though Park Seo-jin only had 15% of the ligaments left in her injured finger and underwent surgery that required a total of 25 stitches, she reassured her younger brother by calmly saying, "I'm fine" in front of him, who was worried about her.

However, Park Seo-jin begins to experience discomfort in his daily life due to a finger injury. Accordingly, Park Hyo-jung begins one-on-one close care for her brother all day long. They help Park Seo-jin wash her face, wash her hair, moisturize her skin, put on makeup, and clean the house, giving off a bickering real-life sibling chemistry.

In particular, in order to better care for her injured brother, Park Hyo-jung invites singer Yoyomi, whom she met at the previous Gurye Sansuyu Festival, to her home. Park Seo-jin blushes and laughs in embarrassment at the surprise appearance of Yoyomi, who came to visit the hospital. Park Hyo-jung shows a bright smile at her brother's shy appearance and expresses her wish, saying, "I hope we can become close friends like Yoyomi and I have become friends through this opportunity."

Afterwards, Park Seo-jin cautiously begins to speak to Yoyomi, saying, "Don't you feel uncomfortable because I'm shy?" and Yoyomi approaches with her unique friendliness and relieves the awkward atmosphere. In addition, Park Hyo-jung and Yoyomi demonstrate their cooking skills by making health food for Park Seo-jin.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google