Lee Dong-gun talks about industry recession, “The film I was filming has been postponed”
Lee Dong-gun talks about industry recession, “The film I was filming has been postponed”
Actor Lee Dong-gun takes on the challenge of starting a cafe in Jeju Island.

On this day, Lee Dong-gun visited the bank with a nervous face. Lee Dong-gun, who was consulting with a banker, made a shocking statement: “I want to get a loan of 200 million won.” In addition, he made a bombshell saying, “I’m planning to start a cafe,” causing an uproar in the studio. Dong-geon's mother, who couldn't keep her mouth shut in surprise and said, "This is my first time hearing about my son's business," was especially surprised by the loan story and couldn't help but be shocked, saying, "Why do you take out loans? Does anyone open a cafe?"

'Business newborn' Lee Dong-gun met Kim Jun-ho, a 'business enthusiast' who has constantly challenged himself in business, to seek advice on starting a cafe. Lee Dong-gun presented the coffee he developed himself to Kim Jun-ho and revealed his dream of running a cafe.

Lee Dong-gun also said, “The work I was planning to film was postponed. “The number of productions has also decreased significantly,” he said, confiding in the industry recession he felt as an actor. Lee Dong-gun then revealed the reason why he had to open a cafe in Jeju Island instead of Seoul, and attention is focused on the story that forced Lee Dong-gun to decide to leave Seoul.

Kim Jun-ho then surprised everyone by introducing an expert who is known as the 'god of cafes' to self-employed people, writing the myth of annual sales of 70 billion won for Lee Dong-gun. It is said that the Mother Avengers were also surprised by the identity of this person, who cannot be easily met. Lee Dong-geon, with a nervous expression, presented the coffee he developed himself to the expert, but was sweating from the harsh comments pouring in, such as “It’s as obvious as expected.” You can find out on the broadcast whether Lee Dong-gun will be able to achieve his dream of starting a cafe.

It can be seen on SBS' 'My Little Old Boy' on Sunday, May 19th at 9:05 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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