Han Hye-jin revealed her unique bedtime routine.
Han Hye-jin revealed her unique bedtime routine.
Hyejin Han self-certified the ‘Old Sound’ nickname.

In season 3 of LG U+Mobile TV's original entertainment show 'Trust and Say - Let's Be My Way' (hereinafter referred to as 'Let's Be My Way 3'), which was released on the 16th, the latest trending meme battle between guest Seo Eunkwang, MC Han Hye-jin, Park Na-rae, Satire, and Uhm Ji-yoon took place. It unfolded.

On this day's broadcast, a story was introduced about a boyfriend whose original dream was to be a comedian, who was worried because he was always following trends that were popular. Seo Eunkwang added laughter by showing a situational comedy using the latest memes at the right time, such as 'Good night, lady'.

In relation to this, a quiz to guess the latest trending memes was held. When Park Na-rae and the satirist asked, “Do you know Nonghyup Bank?” and “Do you know Industrial Bank of Korea?” Han Hye-jin gave an odd answer, saying, “I use a different bank,” causing laughter.

Afterwards, Han Hye-jin could not hide her embarrassment in response to a barrage of questions such as "What are you?", "State power level", and "Udyr-level attitude change", saying "What is that?" and "Who is Udyr?"

During counseling for concerns related to sleeping, 'Power J' Sae-Ri and Seo Eunkwang, who have a planning nature, said, "I organize not only the clothes I will wear the next day, but also underwear and socks." Uhm Ji-yoon revealed his own unique sleeping routine, saying, "If I have to wake up early, I go to bed without washing my hair."

Han Hye-jin revealed that she strictly follows a special bedtime routine before going to sleep. Seo Eunkwang was surprised and said, “She looks like my grandmother.”

‘Let’s Be Comfortable 3’ can be seen every Wednesday and Thursday at 00:00 through the U+ mobile TV app.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google