Koyote Baekga suffered from fraud eight times.
Koyote Baekga suffered from fraud eight times.
Baekga revealed his long-standing trust in the group Koyote.

Baekga appeared on Channel A's 'Detectives' Trade Secrets', which aired on the 13th, and explained why he is called 'the entertainment industry's negative hand(?)'.

Baekga said, “I suffered so many losses and frauds that I was given the nickname ‘Loss Adjuster’ by my acquaintances. “I only remember 6 or 7 things,” he confessed. He also shared a bitter experience, saying, “At first, the scammers approached me like sweet candy, but then they just spit it out.”

Baek-ga, who attracted attention with a sad fraud episode, said, “I felt something. “Only Koyote never betrays,” he said, revealing his long-standing trust and faith in Koyote. Baekga continued, “I had a brother I had known for 10 years whose business was a huge hit. I went all in because I was told my investment would triple, but I ran away. “The only brother I know is Kim Jong-min.”

On this day, Baekga showed off his witty wit and reasoning skills while watching the episode 'The Good Wife Club', which is based on the true story of wives living in the company residence of a local architectural company. Baekga said, “My husband was wrong. (Even if you refuse), you have to be more persistent,” she said, giving a single man’s tip (?) to the husband who had been rejected for marital relations, but he was embarrassed by the backlash from the married men and made them laugh.

Then, when two other married men from the same company came to the detective agency asking to investigate their wife's affair, Baeok-ga became suspicious, saying, "Isn't that a pyramid scheme or a pseudo-religion?" Here, Baekga said, “There is also the possibility of a housewife gambling group. He continued his reasoning by saying, “I gamble every day.”

Koyote, to which Baekga belongs, will hold the ‘Koyotae 2024 U.S. Tour’ in July. Koyote plans to meet local fans in Los Angeles on July 20th, Atlanta on July 24th, and Seattle on July 27th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google