Jang Hyuk, wild goose dad, explodes in anger
Jang Hyuk, wild goose dad, explodes in anger
Wild goose father Jang Hyuk explodes with his hidden anger.

In the SBS entertainment show 'Shoes Off, Single for Men', which airs on the 14th, Jang Hyuk and Hong Kyung-min, whose unwavering friendship, appear and show off their laughter-inducing chemistry with 'Single for Men'.

When 'Single for Men' asks Jang Hyuk, who is living as a 'wild goose dad', how he is, Jang Hyuk says, "I'm really fine, but people around me feel sorry for me." However, Jang Hyuk could not resist the temptation of 'Single for Men' during the recording and began to gradually reveal his inner feelings, saying, "What on earth did I do wrong?" Finally, he poses in the sky and says, “I think I can fly because I’m a wild goose,” making the scene burst into laughter.

Next, 'Single for Men' takes time to examine the friendship of the Dragon Club that has lasted 27 years. When Hong Gyeong-min is asked, "If Jang Hyuk calls on your wife's birthday and asks to meet you saying that your life as a wild goose is over, will you go out?" Jang Hyuk is confident that Hong Gyeong-min will choose him. However, Hong Gyeong-min, the lover, betrays Jang Hyuk, saying, “I can’t end my marriage.” In response, Jang Hyuk is sad and says, “You have changed,” and shows a somewhat sad side, making everyone burst into laughter.

Hong Kyung-min also reveals an episode where he sang the song 'Shaken Friendship' at his daughter's kindergarten. In response to the question, “Is it okay to sing a song with those lyrics in kindergarten?” Hong Gyeong-min said, “I have a comment for those times,” and revealed his own know-how that aroused an explosive response from the fathers present.

'Single for Men' also learns martial arts secrets from Jang Hyuk, a self-proclaimed 'action acting master' who recently debuted as a professional boxer. However, Jang Hyuk is said to have completely turned the scene on its head by not only being helpless due to Single For Men's subtle surprise attack, but also showing off the 'TJ Project' apnea singing style rap, which he used to perform as a singer, while demonstrating action acting.

‘Single For Men Take Off Their Shoes’ will be broadcast at 9 PM on the 14th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google