Byeokga, I was scammed by coins
Byeokga, I was scammed by coins
Channel A's 'Detectives' Trade Secrets' drew cheers by showing the 'real situation' in which the Busan 'Seagull Detectives' succeeded in apprehending an 'airport evaporating date scammer' after 40 days. In addition, Koyotae Baekga, a representative loss adjuster in the entertainment industry, participated in the 'Case Note', which deals with the unspeakable circumstances that led to the wives of employees of a local construction company entering a host bar.

In the advance tracker corner 'Detective 24 Hours' of 'Detectives' Trade Secrets', which aired on the 13th, an urgent moment was captured when an 'airport vapor date scammer' with 40 criminal convictions was caught by the 'Seagull Detectives'. The conman in question lived with the client's woman and won her favor, but after extorting her money, he disappeared at the airport on the day he was scheduled to go on an overseas trip.

In the last broadcast, the 'Seagull Detectives' confirmed with the police that this conman was a 'professional conman' with over 40 criminal records and a 'wanted criminal' who had already been wanted in several regions. Even though he was not at the scammer's address, the detectives did not give up and distributed leaflets containing the scammer's montage and personal information at restaurants near the distribution center. As a result, a restaurant owner gave an urgent tip, saying, 'I think he's here now,' and even provided the exact license plate number of the fraudster's vehicle, giving the green light for arrest.

Defcon was shocked to hear that a conman who had deceived people by claiming to be the owner of several trucks was still working as a truck driver, saying, "The liver went overboard." Meanwhile, Director Lee Seong-woo, who searched the nearby parking area until late at night, was amazed to find a vehicle identical to the truck license plate number of the scammer who had been tipped off.

Even the car taken out during the 'airport evaporation' incident was parked in a nearby parking lot, making it clear that the fraudster lives in this area. Eventually, an operation to apprehend the fraudster in cooperation with the police began. As soon as they saw the face of the conman who was parking, Manager Lee Seong-woo and Captain Lee Sang-min approached the conman and skillfully lured him out. Meanwhile, another team quickly reported to the police, and police officers who were hiding nearby responded and were finally able to arrest the 'airport vapor date scammer' after 40 days. In a phone call with the studio, the client said, "I feel relieved, but I would like to give you some advice not to live like that in the future. Thank you for your hard work by going to catch the criminal on a rainy day. Thank you."
Byeokga, I was scammed by coins
Byeokga, I was scammed by coins
'Case Notebook', which was reconstructed based on the detectives' true stories, featured Koyote Baek-ga, a representative loss adjuster in the entertainment industry who has been the victim of fraud several times. On this day, the episode 'The Good Wife Club' was introduced, which was about the secret double lives of wives that took place at the residence of a local architectural company. According to the story of a husband who visited a detective agency, his frugal and homely wife changed one day. His wife said she received a hidden inheritance from her father, so she enjoyed shopping for large sums of money and never let go of her cell phone. In addition, suspicions about the affair grew as his wife refused to even have marital relations.

Detectives chasing the client's wife caught her meeting a handsome young man. However, the young man treated his wife coldly, and she held on to him and begged for something. With 'reverse spawn' suspected, the case fell further into the labyrinth. Subsequently, two other husbands who worked at the same company as the first client requested a detective agency, suspecting their wives were having an affair, and the wives were surprised to find that they were seeing the same young man.

Defcon guessed the situation by saying, “I was bitten, I was bitten by a swallow,” and Baek Ga showed off his reasoning skills by saying, “Aren’t they a housewife gambling group?” Defconn said, "A man appears in a remote rural village. The man gets into a fight with someone at a water mill. This is what started the rumor," causing laughter with his 'dopamine detective'-like reasoning. Eventually, while the detectives were watching, the three wives and the man who looked like a 'swallow' all gathered in one place, and Byeok-ga said, "What are those four people going to do? It's a level that can't be said on broadcast. Ugh, I can't say anything," and said, "Dopamine reasoning." joined.

In the end, even the client's husbands joined the detectives and followed the wives as they headed somewhere in a black van. The wives' destination was a 'host bar', which was a surprise. However, at the site where the husbands raided, the wives were serving and cleaning. The wives gathered at a 'coin reading room' they saw on social media and were defrauded of a whopping 500 million won, and were working to pay off the interest debt. The young man the wives met was a victim of 'coin fraud' and a 'middleman' to attract others. Baekga, who has experience of being a victim of coin fraud, sympathized with the pain of the wives in the video, saying, “These are things I did.”

Fortunately, the detective proposed a deal to the bank account seller using information obtained through past connections, and the wives were able to recover the defrauded amount. In response, Director Lee Seong-woo said, "I have solved it before. It was the early days of coin investment, and I used my wits and pretended to be immature and said that I wanted to meet in person to invest 100 million won," and revealed an anecdote about recovering the client's damage amount by meeting with an intermediate manager. did. In response, Kim Poong started the famous saying, “Fraud is not something that happens because of stupidity or desire.” Then Baekga firmly denied this, saying, "I was killed because of desire. Because of greed and vanity. I hope people will be aware of me."

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google