Do Kyung-soo "Zico's capitalist expression is disgusting"
Do Kyung-soo "Zico's capitalist expression is disgusting"
Do Kyung-soo appeared on KBS2's 'The Seasons - Zico's Artist', which aired on the 10th.

Do Kyung-soo appeared singing 'Popcorn', a pre-released song from his new album 'Growth', and captivated viewers with his unique voice and powerful vocals. His flowing and comfortable live skills drew the admiration of “As expected of Do Kyungsoo.” In particular, solo vocal artist Do Kyung-soo showed further growth with his skillful and relaxed stage manners.

Additionally, Do Kyung-soo added fun to the show with Zico by performing 'Jjinchin Tikitaka'. Although he was usually teased for not knowing much about memes, he steadfastly defended his opinions, which made the audience laugh. Do Kyung-soo then followed Zico's lead and took on the 'Funny Cat Challenge', completing the challenge in his own style and receiving enthusiastic cheers.

Do Kyung-soo said about how he became friends with Zico, "Zico was a little scary when I first saw him, but when we talked to him, we got along." He also said, "When we contact him, he says, 'What are you doing?' He uses ㅇ a lot," and said that he has a lot of charm. At the same time, he said that there are often times when Zico doesn't like the way he looks, and he made people laugh by saying, "He has an expression where his philtrum gets longer and his eyes open wide." In response, Zico said, “It’s the expression of capitalism,” and added, “(Do Kyung-soo) is so kind that he just smiles, so he wouldn’t understand the hardships of someone like me.”

Do Kyung-soo's activities did not stop here. They did a freestyle dance with Zico in the music video for 'Popcorn', adding to the excitement of the scene, and even performed a surprise collaboration stage for Zico's new song 'SPOT!', making Friday night even happier.

Lastly, Do Kyung-soo interacted with the audience by singing the title song 'Mars' from his 3rd mini album. His leisurely stage, which exuded boyish charm with a smile throughout the live, thrilled the hearts of fans he had not seen in a long time.

Do Kyung-soo's third mini-album 'Growth' was released on the 7th and is receiving favorable reviews for targeting the tastes of music fans at home and abroad. He is planning to hold his first solo Asia fan-con tour starting in Seoul in June.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google