Director Han Jae-rim and Lee Yeol-eum are in a relationship.
Director Han Jae-rim and Lee Yeol-eum are in a relationship.
Director Han Jae-rim denied dating rumors with Lee Yeol-eum.

On the 10th, a production presentation for the Netflix series 'The 8 Show' was held at the Ambassador Pullman Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul. Actors Ryu Jun-yeol, Chun Woo-hee, Park Jung-min, Lee Yeol-eum, Park Hae-joon, Joo-young Lee, Jeong-hee Moon, Seong-woo Bae, and director Jae-rim Han attended the event.

'The Eight Show' is a work that depicts the story of eight people who are trapped in a secret space divided into eight floors and participate in a sweet but dangerous show where they 'earn money as time accumulates'. It is an adaptation of the webtoons ‘Money Game’ and ‘Pygame’ by author Bae Jin-soo, which recorded 300 million cumulative global views.

Director Han Jae-rim, who directed the first series after his debut, said, "Eight people who have fallen into the abyss of life receive offers from unknown people at the moment when they are about to give up on life. Just by buying the time they gave up and attending, they are given prize money as the time increases. “It’s a tragicomedy of cooperation and antagonism while wondering how to accumulate more time since you earn prize money for the amount of time you spend.”

He continued, “I really enjoyed the webtoon called ‘Money Game.’ Normal survival is structured so that the main character wins the situation and gives pleasure, but ‘Money Game’ is a black comedy, so the more the main character tries to solve the problem, the more he falls into the abyss. “It was so fun to see the true character revealed,” he said. “But I wanted to change the structure of how I made money while the other person disappeared, and when I saw the ‘Pygame’ series by the same author, I thought, what would it be like to combine the two? “We have merged,” he said.

Director Han Jae-rim was embroiled in dating rumors with Lee Yeol-eum, who is 21 years younger than him, last year. At the time, Lee Yeol-eum's agency declined to comment, saying, "We understand that he is close to the director, but it is difficult to confirm because it is the actor's private life."

On this day, director Han Jae-rim said, "Actress Lee Yeol-eum had extraordinary enthusiasm for this work. She asked me like a chewing gum on the monitor, telling me not to give OK unless it was really OK. I think the staff who saw that felt that way," and added, "The dating rumor is not true. “He explained.

‘The Eight Show’ will be released on the 15th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google