Seo Dong-ju, settles the breast-flirting controversy
Seo Dong-ju, settles the breast-flirting controversy
Broadcaster Seo Dong-ju mentioned flirting.

In Season 3 of LG U+Mobile TV's original entertainment show 'Trust and Say - Let's Be My Way' (hereinafter referred to as 'Let's Be My Way 3'), which was released yesterday (9th), a man who put a headlock on his male friend as a joke and ended up getting cut off. The story of ‘this heart-fluttering friend’ was introduced.

In relation to this story, Han Hye-jin demonstrated a headlock with Park Na-rae and said, "If you turn a little, it's right there(?)," proving that skinship is dangerous(?) between opposite sexes.

In addition, Seo Dong-ju, like an active lawyer, set out to keep things neat and tidy, saying, “Headlocks are not allowed for (breast size) B or larger,” and the satire also nailed it, saying, “It’s not even allowed to be a tight B.”

However, when Han Hye-jin, who heard Seo Dong-ju and Satire's suggestion, showed an angry expression, saying, “Why are the standards so strict,” Uhm Ji-yoon even gave her a new nickname, “Tight Hye-jin Sister,” making the scene a sea of laughter.

Attention is drawn to the detailed counseling solutions of Seo Dong-ju, Han Hye-jin, Park Na-rae, Satire, and Uhm Ji-yoon surrounding the controversy over skinship that crosses the line with friends of the opposite sex.

Meanwhile, when Park Na-rae confesses a creepy eyewitness account of encountering a barbary man in the past, Sae-suk and Uhm Ji-yoon reveal an episode of cider where they chased down a barbary man and even taught him true education, raising curiosity about what the skill to exterminate the barbary man was at that time. .

‘Let’s Get Comfortable 3’ can be seen every Wednesday and Thursday at 00:00 through the U+ mobile TV app.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
translated by google