SEVENTEEN's Hoshi "Seungkwan's voice is his calling card"
SEVENTEEN's Hoshi "Seungkwan's voice is his calling card"
Lee Jeok reveals that he possessed a World Cup octopus during recording on KBS' pilot entertainment show 'Synchronized U', which will be aired for the first time on the 10th.

'Synchro You' is a variety music show that finds fantastic cover stages performed by top artists whose voices are their business cards on a stage with a 99% synchronization rate created by AI. Amidst the emotion provided by the Ear Hogang cover stage, a high-level eardrum battle to find the 1% of the real thing unfolds.

On the 9th, 'Synchronized You' drew attention by releasing a written interview with MCs Lee Juk and Hoshi. In particular, Lee Jeok, who boasts a max level ear ability, was named to the detective team, raising expectations about whether Lee Jeok's excellent senses would be able to find the AI. Also, attention is being paid to the first MC challenge of Seventeen's Hoshi, who has recently continued his energetic activities.

After finishing the first recording, Lee Jeok said, “I thought it would be relatively easy to sort out, but the more I got into the labyrinth, the more I felt like I had become the World Cup octopus. “In the end, I had no choice but to take pictures based on my intuition,” he said, conveying the desperate situation on site. Hoshi testified, “I was surprised that I didn’t notice much of a difference between AI and real voices,” and “I felt like I was experiencing fresh material.”

Lee Jeok, whose ears are at max level, is the most trusted legendary artist in the mystery group. Therefore, one cannot help but be curious about his performance. However, Lee Juk expressed his bitterness, saying, “I thought having been in music for a long time and having the experience of listening to the performers live in person would help, but that wasn’t necessarily the case,” and added, “I tripped over my own feet at times. “He confessed, raising expectations as to what had happened.

Hoshi, who was attempting to become an official MC for the first time, also consoled himself by saying, “I think the production staff paid a lot of attention so that the MCs wouldn’t notice,” and said that it was because of the production team’s thorough preparation. He then admitted, “I think it was quite difficult to tell,” making everyone laugh.

Regarding the criteria for reasoning to find the special 1%, Lee Juk said, “I focused on the singers’ breathing, trembling, and habits,” and then added, “It seems necessary to enjoy and listen to the AI version a lot on a regular basis.” After saying, “I would like to add one thing: the current level of AI is higher than we thought. As development progresses rapidly, it is likely that distinction will become more difficult in the future. I think viewers will be able to catch it with much sharper ears than the MC. “I’m also curious about the battle between the MC and the viewers,” he added solemnly.

Hoshi caught people's attention by choosing Seventeen's Seungkwan as the dream artist he would like to invite. Hoshi said, “Seungkwan’s voice is his calling card, so I think he is a suitable artist for ‘Synchronize’,” drawing attention to whether a future match between MC Detective Dan Hoshi and Dream Artist Seungkwan will take place.

Lastly, Hoshi said, “At first, I thought I would be able to get it right easily, but it was harder than I expected. “I hope viewers will enjoy it while making their own guesses,” he said.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google