Lee Kyung-sim “2 billion loss due to business failure”
Lee Kyung-sim “2 billion loss due to business failure”
Lee Kyung-sim, a teen star from the 90s, reveals her current status.

Actress Lee Kyung-sim, who debuted at the age of 13 and appeared in more than 100 commercials and was called the 'Bookstand Goddess', appears on MBN's 'Scoop World', which airs on the 9th (today). Lee Kyung-sim enjoyed peak popularity by acting in hit dramas such as 'Tomorrow's Love' and 'Youth's Sunny Side', but disappeared at some point.

After leaving the entertainment industry due to conflict with her agency, she married professional golfer Kim Chang-min. However, after that, he suffered a loss of close to 2 billion won due to business failure and overcame a great juncture in his life. Kyung-sim Lee also confesses, “My mother, who was suffering from dementia, passed away in January of this year,” and “I haven’t even been able to organize my belongings yet.” Since Lee Kyung-sim debuted in the entertainment industry, he devoted himself to being a manager, and since he took care of his mother at home for 12 years after his father passed away, he is said to be even more unable to accept his mother's death.

What makes him smile even though he is having a hard time is his daughter Da-eun Kim (13) and the 11 animals that live with him. The mother and daughter are said to receive healing by interacting with 11 animals, including 8 dogs. Due to this influence, Ms. Daeun is active as a junior handler. A dog show handler is a job that manages dogs according to breed standards and provides training necessary for dog shows. Da-eun competes in dog shows and shows off her amazing talent, competing alongside adults.

Kyung-sim Lee is actually dreaming of a comeback with the hope of becoming a proud mother to her daughter. He dreams of returning as an actor, saying, “I want to erase the shadow of my innocent and youthful past and stand in front of viewers with a new appearance.” We hear his story as he meets colleagues, senior and junior actors, asks for advice, and prepares to appear in front of viewers.

Lee Kyung-sim's current status can be found on 'Scoop World', which airs at 9:10 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google