Jo Se-ho's first marriage announcement → Park Sung-hoon's 'Parasite' semi-basement story
Jo Se-ho's first marriage announcement → Park Sung-hoon's 'Parasite' semi-basement story
The scene of broadcaster Jo Se-ho's first marriage announcement is revealed.

In episode 242 of tvN's 'You Quiz on the Block' (directed by Lee Ki-yeon, written by Lee Eon-ju), which airs at 8:45 p.m. on the 1st, a landscaper of our land, Young-seon Jeong, who writes poetry with the land, travel creator Panibottle with 2.17 million subscribers, and 'The Following 'Glory', actor Park Sung-hoon, who has emerged as the hottest actor of this era, appears in 'Queen of Tears'.

On this day's broadcast, the scene of Jo Se-ho's marriage announcement, which attracted a lot of attention, is revealed. Joseph Jo Se-ho, who tried to be the first to announce the news of his marriage through 'You Quiz', announces the wedding date for the first time. The scene where congratulations and blessings were poured out without a single person, including the great self Yoo Jae-seok, without any regrets, will be revealed without filtering through today's broadcast.

The story of Jeong Young-seon, Korea's first female engineer and first-generation landscape architect, is also attracting attention. From the Seoul Arts Center and Seonyudo Park to the luxury gardens that captivate MZ, such as the Amore Pacific new building and Dior Seongsu, the activities of Jeong Young-sun, who is part of Korea's modern history, make the big boy Yoo Jae-seok and the little girl Jo Se-ho drop their jaws. The story behind the landscaping of the natural farm, the predecessor to Everland, and the secret behind the landscaping of the garden in the new building of Asan Medical Center in Seoul, which was designed to understand the hearts of people, are expected to attract increased interest. In addition, it arouses curiosity by saying that the special relationship between poet Park Mok-wol and himself is revealed.

Next, Panibottle, which has the largest number of subscribers (2.17 million) among travel creators in Korea, appears on 'You Quiz' and shows off its magical wit. In addition to the story of why he dreamed of becoming a travel creator, he plans to tell the story of how he went from being an ordinary office worker at the age of 33 to boldly deciding to resign from his job with 20 million won in his pocket. In addition, the first profit settlement as well as the behind-the-scenes details of the 'Indian train first and last class comparison experience' video, which is still talked about as Pani Bottle's legendary content, will be revealed. Along with the anecdote about being pick-pocketed during a recent trip to Ethiopia, the unconventional episode of Panibottleman, who enjoys visiting unfamiliar travel destinations, also attracts attention.

Panibottle recently proved his capabilities as a producer by serving as the writer and director of 'Good Good Good', the first Korean web drama to enter Cannes. You can check out the story of Panibottle, who is not afraid of challenges, from a 33-year-old unemployed person to a travel creator with 2.17 million people and a director in Cannes, on this day's broadcast.

Lastly, actor Park Sung-hoon, who is continuing his trending career, tells a heart-warming and unexpected life story. Park Sung-hoon is active, showing off his harmonious acting in each role he plays, including Jang Go-rae in 'My One and Only', Jeon Jae-jun in 'The Glory', and Yoon Eun-seong in 'Queen of Tears'. Park Sung-hoon, who played the role of a crazy villain in 'Queen of Tears', which achieved the highest ratings in tvN drama history, not only reveals the behind-the-scenes story of joining 'Queen of Tears', but also reveals the secret to playing a terrible villain. In addition, expectations are heightened by the fact that the secret story of filming with Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won will be revealed generously.

Park Seong-hoon, who debuted in the 2008 movie 'Ssanghwajeom', is a veteran actor who has accumulated experience in various works, starting from the theater stage. 'Squid Game 2', which is currently in the final stages of filming, is his 50th work. He sheds tears as he confesses his story of living in a semi-basement-like space in 'Parasite' for seven years due to poverty amid the tycoon story and his difficult family life.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google