Young K, a heartbreaking story while recording
Young K, a heartbreaking story while recording
Singer Young K cried during recording.

In the 4th episode of 'Girls on Fire', which airs at 10 pm today (7th), the 2nd round of the finals, '72 Hour Survival Battle', continues following last week. Under the pressure of being eliminated, only the one person on the team who showed the best skills advances directly to the next round, so the conflict of opinion among the participants reaches its peak. In the end, some participants left the filming set, and attention is being paid to how they will resolve the situation where the conflict is at its peak.

On this day's broadcast, there are unprecedented stages that make Sunwoo Jung-ah stand up and Young K cry. It is expected to add to the fun of watching not only the talent, but also the stage direction and worldview. In response, Seonwoo Jung-ah praised the performance, saying, “It’s a stage that made me lose all my self-esteem,” and Jeong Eun-ji said, “It’s a stage that really comforted me.”

In particular, there are participants who boldly selected the original song by Sunwoo Jung-ah, participants who came up with a song that has never been selected in the history of audition programs, and participants who achieved a grand unification of genres that would not seem to fit together, such as vocal music, K-pop, and Korean traditional music. Their stage continues.

Among these, the double meaning hidden in 'Performance Director' Kinky's remark that "the introduction was long" also adds to curiosity. It is expected that the participants will show off their overwhelming skills and put on a stage that will feel like the introduction is long, or whether they will put on a disappointing performance that only has a long introduction.

Above all, attention is focused on the 4th episode of 'Girls on Fire', as it is scheduled to feature a stage that impressed even Yoon Jong-shin, who has about 16 years of audition program judging experience, saying, "I think it is an evolution of the audition program."

Meanwhile, the 4th episode of 'Girls on Fire' will be broadcast on JTBC at 10 pm today (7th) as part of the live broadcast schedule of the '60th Baeksang Arts Awards'.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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