Comedian Kim Joo-yeon becomes a shaman
Comedian Kim Joo-yeon becomes a shaman
Kim Joo-yeon, a former comedian, revealed the story of how she received inspiration.

Kim Joo-yeon appeared in the trailer released at the end of Channel A's entertainment show 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', which aired on the 2nd.

In the released video, Kim Joo-yeon is introduced as ‘At first glance, Kim Go-eun is a ‘broken cat’?’ Park Na-rae explained that Kim Joo-yeon was “very famous in the past as one of the three most beautiful comedians.”

Kim Joo-yeon said that she was a newbie who got her new job two years ago and said, "I don't wear hanbok these days. I clean with techno on. Shamans shouldn't listen to songs like this." Also, when Kim Joo-yeon was asked, “Do you see Park Na-rae having a boyfriend?” she firmly said, “No.”

When asked about her worries, Kim Joo-yeon said, "It was so painful that I became paralyzed. When I'm sick, I'm always alone," and confessed the reason why she got sick. Kim Joo-yeon's mother said, "No matter what, I don't say I'm in pain. My heart hurts," and Kim Joo-yeon shed tears, saying, "I don't want to tell that story to anyone," arousing curiosity.
Comedian Kim Joo-yeon becomes a shaman
Comedian Kim Joo-yeon becomes a shaman
Kim Joo-yeon appeared on the YouTube channel 'Recent Olympics' in March last month and revealed her current status as a shaman.

He said, "I suffered from a new disease when I was 34. When I think about it now, it was all a new disease. It's a psychological phenomenon, and when I'm not feeling well, I bleed. I suffered from this for two years. It was also a new disease, but I just thought, 'I'm not feeling well.'" He revealed that he was unable to sleep or eat for two months as a new soldier.

He added, "He lost 12kg. Later, I was confused as well. But it turns out he was a new soldier."

Kim Joo-yeon said that after deciding to become a shaman, she had a conflict with her family, and expressed her determination, saying, "Now, I want to speak confidently (as a shaman) and do well." He confessed, "Because I was a shaman, all the people I was close to rejected me and became distant. They treated me like a strange person. I heard all kinds of stories. There was no shaman in my family, but I became one, so even my parents thought the same."

Kim Joo-yeon, born in 1986, debuted as a comedian in MBC's 15th open recruitment in 2006 and received attention by receiving the Female Newcomer Award in the comedy sitcom category at the 2006 MBC Broadcast Entertainment Awards.

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