Gong Myung showed his side as an activity enthusiast.
Gong Myung showed his side as an activity enthusiast.
'World Dice Tour 2' Kwak, Pa, Won and their travel partners make their last memories in Portugal.

In the 9th episode of ENA's 'World Dice Tour 2', which airs on the 4th, the final story of the 3rd round Portugal trip of Panibottle and Gongmyeong, Wonji and Kim Yongmyeong, and Kwak Tube and Park Junhyung will be told. It is said that in this trip, the chemistry between those who traveled together for two rounds, the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and became close like family, stood out.

On this day, Pani Bottle and Gongmyeong head to a city called ‘Paro’ in southern Portugal to return the rental car. On the way, the two accidentally stop at an unnamed beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fun of renting a car until the end. After returning the car, they go to ride a buggy (a lightweight off-road vehicle). Two people who have something in common, who enjoy riding bikes, decided to enjoy the activity of racing down the road. Pani Bottle, who was in charge of driving during the camping car trip, hands over the steering wheel to Gong Myeong this time.

Resonance reveals a different side from before. Even Panibottle is surprised by Gongmyeong’s driving skills. Panibottle and Gongmyeong run on an unpaved mud road in a buggy without hesitation, not paying attention to the dust that falls on them. The two people continue to be amazed by the serene view of a small town in Portugal that they encounter during the activity.

After completing the buggy activity, Panibottle stops somewhere before returning to the Lisbon headquarters, saying, “I have one last mission to complete.” This is to keep the promise to fans that Pani Bottle had a great influence in determining the direction of the journey of 'World Dice Tour 2'. Throughout the trip, content was created for the vicarious satisfaction of viewers, but this time, I am curious about the mission of Pani Bottle, which presented a trip for just one person.

Wonji and Kim Yong-myeong continue their trip according to the plan recommended by the local person who sat next to them on the train to Porto. First, the two enjoyed breakfast with coffee made by 'chef' Kim Yong-myeong, then took a boat ride on the Douro River and fell in love with the panoramic scenery of Porto. Kim Yong-myeong, who saw the romantic and romantic scenery of Porto, thinks of his wife at home and shows a lover's moment. Wonji, who was watching from the side, is curious about the boat tour scene that warmed his heart.

Even after getting off the boat, they enjoy romance wherever they go. Among them, one bookstore is said to have captured Wonji's heart with its unique interior and special goods reminiscent of a fantasy movie. While the two are enjoying sightseeing in Porto, the time for the train to leave for Lisbon, where the headquarters is located, approaches. Wonji and Kim Yong-myeong arrive at the train station with just three minutes left until the train departs. When they reached the train platform after all this running, the train door closed right in front of their eyes. Accordingly, attention is being paid to whether the two will be able to go to Lisbon safely.

Kwak Tube and Park Jun-hyung go on a trip to a nearby small town as recommended by Joao, the owner they met at the 'Nazare' restaurant. They head to the fantasy island 'Verlengas', which is listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. This uninhabited island, which can be reached by taking a 25-minute boat ride from the coast, welcomes the couple with a fantastic view. Kwak Tube, who has a fear of heights, was scared of the course that required going up and down steep stairs, but with the help of Park Jun-hyung, he escaped the scary section safely. The two people, who have built a special friendship by working together at extreme part-time jobs and sharing their painful past of being bullied as children in Nazareth, are expected to give viewers a warm feeling as they enjoy healing together in Berlengas.

After completing the Berlengas tour, Kwak Tube and Park Jun-hyung go to 'Obidos', another small town recommended by Joao. On a trip to Nazare just for the 'Big Wave', I enjoyed traveling to as many as three cities. Obidos, a castle town built in the 800s, captivates the hearts of the couple with its antique atmosphere. It is said that the period of their trip was during the Christmas season, so the streets were decorated in a romantic way. The carols performed by young buskers on the streets maximize the Christmas atmosphere. It is said that Park Jun-hyung, who was watching the performance like a Christmas present by chance, became the busker's Santa Claus.

The final story of the 3rd round trip of Pani Bottle and Gong Myeong, Wonji and Kim Yong Myeong, Kwak Tube and Park Jun Hyung can be seen in episode 9 of ENA's 'World Dice Tour 2', which will be broadcast at 7:50 pm on Saturday the 4th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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