It is said that the Seventeen MV filming location is scheduled for demolition.
It is said that the Seventeen MV filming location is scheduled for demolition.
Channel S's 'Map to Go Back' reveals the shocking current state of Hong Kong's 'Choi Hong Apartment', an essential photo spot for the MZ generation, famous as the background for Seventeen's music video.

Channel S's original entertainment program 'Might I Go Again' will air its 107th episode today (2nd) at 9:20 PM. Today's broadcast is a special feature called 'MZ's Favorite Hot Place Travel', and will introduce 'MZ's sacred places' filled with everything from trendy hot spots to unique photo spots. Among them, Kim Shin-young collaborated with travel creator Jin Jinjahani on 'Sniper Hong Kong to welcome women's hearts', Lee Seok-hoon collaborated with Sunny & Say on 'Pink Gourmet Tour Fukuoka, Japan', and 'Big Star Teacher' Choi Tae-seong collaborated with Heejae on 'Italian hipster mecca Florence & Pisa'. A package travel battle is held under the theme of '. Comedian Kim Min-kyung joins him as his travel friend.

On this day's broadcast, we introduce unique and hip photo spots in each travel destination, which can be said to be essential courses in MZ travel. Lee Seok-hoon made people laugh by laughing at the 'one and only' photo spot in Pisa, Italy. The colorful and witty mural with countless tourists lining up to take pictures was the work of none other than world-renowned graffiti artist Keith Haring. Lee Seok-hoon, who felt a sense of crisis due to the unique class of the competing travel destination, stuck out his tongue and said, “Wow, is that mural Keith Haring?”, making Choi Tae-seong laugh out loud. In fact, the spot was the last public art work of Keith Haring's life, and the meaning of the mural, which was similar to the direction pursued by the MZ generation, aroused everyone's admiration.

On this day's broadcast, photo spots of 'Hong Kong', the MZ travel mecca loved by K-pop idols such as Red Velvet, Aespa, and Highlight, will also be introduced. Moreover, the shocking current state of Choi Hong Apartment, a famous photo spot that can never be missed during a trip to Hong Kong, is expected to be revealed. 'Choi Hong Apartment', widely known as the filming location for boy group Seventeen's music video, is loved for its colorful colors as much as its name Choi Hong (rainbow), and is Hong Kong's representative travel destination that has taken over the SNS of MZ travelers visiting Hong Kong. Among them, Jin Jin Hani, who organized a survival package trip in Hong Kong, caused an uproar in the studio by saying, "The redevelopment of Choi Hong Apartments has recently been confirmed and demolition will begin soon." Accordingly, attention is being paid to the broadcast of 'I Might Go Again', which will feature the hip charm of Hong Kong, loved by idols, as well as the 'Choi Hong Apartment', which has become a limited-edition travel spot that may disappear at any time.

Episode 107 of 'Map to Go Back' will be aired today (2nd) at 9:20 PM. You can also watch it on Netflix.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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