Brian, you hit it big with ‘Cleaning Mania’
Brian, you hit it big with ‘Cleaning Mania’
‘Cleaning King’ singer Brian revealed his annual sales.

Brian's difficult part-time job journey, who transformed from a cleaning fanatic to the king of part-time jobs of all time, is revealed in 'Human Resources Office That Does Everything', which airs on T-Cast E Channel at 11:30 pm today (2nd).

Brian got into the human resources office's vehicle to go to the part-time job location and submitted the resume he had written. Defconn, who was looking at this, asked, "I'm currently doing home shopping. Brian started it first, so how much did he do?"

Brian boasts, “It’s been a little over two years since I started home shopping. I hit KRW 15.7 billion in sales just one year after I first started,” embarrassing Director Des and Director Yong. He then confidently asks for ransom, saying, "I'm watching an interview right now. How much will you pay?"

Defconn asked ‘cleaning fanatic’ Brian the ransom, saying, “How much do you want?” and Brian replied, “It’s basically 1,000 to 1,500 per hour these days.” Defconn, with a surprised expression, showed off the aspect of a vicious boss(?) by saying, "It seems there have been many cases where you worked and didn't get paid. I can't give you that money at all. The money has gone up a lot."

The first workplace we arrived at was Bucheon’s hot all-you-can-eat restaurant. Unlike Brian, who carries charcoal in hellish heat, Director Deso and Director Yong chat with customers and eat meat.
Brian, who witnessed this, bewilders the two with a brilliant reaction that narrowly crosses the border between swearing and affection.

The second workplace the three head to is a beer house with cost-effective snacks and a flashy interior, and Brian starts cleaning the windows with the 'madness' of a cleaning maniac. Just as he was concentrating on the emergence of his specialty, Brian's anger rose again due to the flurry of Friday sales.

You can check it out on T-Cast E channel at 11:30 tonight.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
translated by google