Han So-hee and Jeon Jong-seo were cast in 'Project Y'
Han So-hee and Jeon Jong-seo were cast in 'Project Y'
Han So-hee and Jeon Jong-seo were cast in the series 'Project Y' (working title).

'Project Y' is a noir work that depicts the desire of two friends of the same age to steal 8 billion gold bars and finally leave the game, set in Gangnam, Seoul. ‘Project Y’ has confirmed the casting of actors Han So-hee and Jeon Jong-seo.

Actress Han So-hee, who showed an unrivaled presence through the Netflix series 'Gyeongseong Creature' and 'My Name', and actress Jeon Jong-seo, who captivated the public with powerful performances in the movie 'Burning', the Netflix movie 'Call', and the TV series 'Ransom'. A point where the meeting attracts attention. The two actors, who are known to be of the same age in real life, are planning to perform passionately as friends of the same age in the work, raising expectations for the birth of a new female buddy movie.

The directing was done by director Lee Hwan, who aroused heated debate in the Korean film industry with his unconventional subject matter and strong directing through the films 'Park Hwa-young' and 'I Don't Know Adults.' The production is by Climax Studio, the production company that produced the Netflix series 'Hell', 'DP', 'Parasite Tree: The Gray', and the movies 'Concrete Utopia' and 'Soul Mate', and the Netflix series 'Seonsan' and 'Parasite Tree: The Gray'. It was created by WOW POINT, a content production company.

'Project Y' (working title) is accelerating preparations for full-scale filming. The goal is to crank in the second half of this year and it will be released as a series.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google