Hee-sun Kim makes an extraordinary transformation wearing a tuxedo
Hee-sun Kim makes an extraordinary transformation wearing a tuxedo
As interest continues for Kim Hee-sun's return to entertainment, tvN's 'Let's Eat and Drink', the production team has revealed the behind-the-scenes footage of her casting.

'Let's Eat or Drink', which will be aired for the first time on May 16th, is a program where MCs visit a neighborhood and spontaneously invite acquaintances and celebrities who live in the area to talk at a restaurant in the neighborhood, and then treat the local residents to a treat through games. . Along with MC Kim Hee-sun, Lee Soo-geun, Lee Eun-ji, and THE BOYZ's Young-hoon will lead the story with a new topic according to the concept every week in various places, from nostalgic places to hot places.

Producer Jin Bo-mi, who was in charge of directing 'Let's Eat and Drink', said about the intention of planning the program, "I thought that people's offline meetings have become less and less as the coronavirus situation has passed. I myself have been asking how my friends are doing on social media rather than actually meeting them. “I felt disappointed in communication,” he explained. “I missed the simple meetings I had as a child, where people would run out when I shouted, ‘OO~ Let’s play~’, and as a result, I thought, ‘What if neighborhood friends gathered together and talked?’” did.

In fact, according to the Human Relationship Perception Survey (2023) published by Korea Research, a whopping 87% responded that they would like to establish human relationships offline rather than online. Even when meeting people on a regular basis, 64% of people said that the other person would suggest meeting first, showing interesting insights into human relationships. 'Let's Eat or Drink' is raising even more expectations in that it contains the social phenomenon of human relationships.

Kim Hee-sun, who decided to return to entertainment three years after 'Udo Bar', is also said to have deeply sympathized with the intention of planning 'Let's Eat or Drink' and enthusiastically came up with the idea. Producer Jin Bo-mi revealed the secret story, saying, "While chatting with Kim Hee-sun about this topic, the idea of 'I want to give a special time to the citizens I met offline' was added, and the program was completed."

We can't help but wonder about the behind-the-scenes details of MCs' recruitment. Another point of note is that it has completed a fresh combination of MCs active in different fields, from actress Kim Hee-sun, comedians Lee Soo-geun and Lee Eun-ji, and idol The Boyz Younghoon. Producer Jin Bo-mi said, "We wanted to broaden the sympathy of viewers by forming a diverse mix of age groups from 20s to late 40s. Also, since the MCs' jobs are diverse, such as actors, singers, and comedians, the MCs' acquaintances come as guests. “We were able to create combinations that had never been seen before,” he said.

Although there were people who were close friends from the beginning, such as Kim Hee-sun and Lee Soo-geun, and Lee Soo-geun and Lee Eun-ji, this is the first time the four have come together. PD Jin said, "I was curious about what kind of atmosphere would be created when the four met, but on the day of filming the teaser, the four of them got together for the first time and became close friends immediately, as if they had known each other for a long time, to the point where the staff on set were surprised and asked if it was the first time they had gathered today." He raised expectations by adding, “The combination of Kim Hee-sun, Lee Soo-geun, and Lee Eun-ji, who are E (extroverts), and youngest member Younghoon, who is I (introverts), is also a point worth paying attention to in future lightning meetings.”

In the teaser released this time, the transformation of Lee Eun-ji, who asks "What should I do today?" on her way home from work, and Kim Hee-sun, who wears a tuxedo and becomes the host of the party as if to represent her thirst, catches the eye. Kim Hee-sun, holding a wine glass filled with rice, said, "Let's have some rice," and the following scene showed Lee Soo-geun and Young-hoon looking happy despite the sudden meeting. tvN's neighborhood friend lightning project 'Let's Eat and Drink' is raising curiosity about what kind of encounters will unfold in the future as it prepares for its first broadcast.

‘Let’s Have a Drink’ will premiere on May 16th at 8:40 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google