Lee Byung-hun captured hot fan service at Eataly
Lee Byung-hun captured hot fan service at Eataly
Actor Lee Byung-hun makes a surprise appearance in ‘Family Who Crosses the Line’.

In episode 31 of Channel A's 'Living in Someone Else's Country - Family Crossing the Line' (hereinafter referred to as 'Family Beyond the Line'), Kwon Seong-deok and Julia, the 'Italian Sunnum Fam', are shown visiting the 'Florence Korean Film Festival'. Next, Kwang-min Yoon and Helena experience a waterfall in Bandung's active volcano, and Da-sun Kim and Steve prepare a Korean-style birthday party for Steve's father. Studio guests including Sam Hammington from Australia, Christina from Italy, and Fabian from France will appear to add to the fun.

‘Italian Sunnum Fam’ Kwon Seong-deok Seongdeok Kwon, feeling proud, attempts to interview local people. When a local fan said, “My favorite drama is ‘Mr. Sunshine,’” MC Song Jin-woo and guest Fabian expressed their overwhelming emotions by saying, “This is the drama I starred in.”

Seong-deok Kwon After receiving the 'Actor of the Year Award' selected at the 'Florence Korean Film Festival', Lee Byung-hun proved his influence by being awarded the 'Florence Honorary Citizenship Certificate'. The MCs watching in the studio asked, “What are the benefits of receiving an honorary citizenship? Do you get a discount on parking fees?” Kwon Seong-deok answers the question by saying, “It is possible to use public places, including restrooms.”

At the meeting, Lee Byung-hun communicates with fans. Lee Byung-hun laughs for a long time when a fangirl requests a famous line from his work. He then immersed himself in the situation and read the lines, saying, “It feels like I’m doing this for the first time after finishing the project.” He gets a standing ovation from fans with his exciting fan service.

‘Family Who Crosses the Line’ will be broadcast at 9:40 pm on the 26th.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong forusojung@tenasia.co.kr translated by google