Kim Dong-wan♥Seo Yoon-ah, a moment of separation
Kim Dong-wan♥Seo Yoon-ah, a moment of separation
'Groom Class' Kim Dong-wan meets Seo Yoon-ah's best friend Jo Hyun-ah for the first time and is bombarded with 'pressure interview' level questions.

In the 111th episode of Channel A's 'Men's Life These Days - Groom's Class (hereinafter referred to as 'Groom's Class')', which airs at 9:30 pm on the 24th (today), Seo Yoon-ah invites her close younger sister and singer Jo Hyun-ah to formally introduce Kim Dong-wan. The ‘three-way face-to-face’ scene unfolds.

On this day, Seo Yoon-ah meets Jo Hyun-ah at a cafe and chats about their current situation. In particular, Jo Hyun-ah listened to the story of Seo Yoon-ah and Kim Dong-wan's meeting process as well as their current concerns, and said, "Just trust me," and "I will thoroughly understand him (Kim Dong-wan). “If I like him, I’ll call him ‘brother-in-law,’” the two of them make a promise.

After a while, Kim Dong-wan appears, and Jo Hyun-ah formally exchanges greetings with Kim Dong-wan. Later, while eating, Jo Hyun-ah asks Kim Dong-wan, “Have you ever thought about what you will do with your finances later (if you get married)?” Kim Dong-wan responded, “I will own 100% of the economic rights.” The 'mentor group' who heard this in the studio were surprised as a group, saying, "Huh?", and Moon Se-yoon was worried, saying, "I guess there has to be a good reason behind it, right?"

Kim Dong-wan shares his thoughts on this, and Jo Hyun-ah shows her approval and then asks the next question. Consider Kim Dong-wan’s reaction, saying, “What if Yoona deviates?” Kim Dong-wan immediately revealed his coping strategy, and upon hearing this, Seo Yoon-ah and Jo Hyun-ah trembled and said, “It’s so scary.” In the end, Seo Yoon-ah causes a ‘pupil earthquake’, saying, “It sent shivers down my spine.” There is a lot of curiosity about what Kim Dong-wan's answer would be and whether Jo Hyun-ah will be able to call Kim Dong-wan 'brother-in-law'.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-wan tries to win the favor of Jo Hyun-ah, who is currently single, by asking, “What kind of man do you like?” Jo Hyun-ah appeals, saying, “I like men who are tall and good-looking,” and Kim Dong-wan suggests a blind date, saying, “How about Enoch?” However, he soon adds, “But (Enoch) is the 6th generation reader, is it okay?”, making everyone burst into laughter. While interest is soaring in whether Jo Hyun-ah and Enoch's blind date will go through, Kim Dong-wan and Seo Yoon-ah surprise the 'studio mentor group' by expressing regret that they have to briefly part ways for Seo Yoon-ah's 'To New York' in a car alone together. You can find out why Seo Yoon-ah is going to New York and what event Kim Dong-wan has prepared for her in episode 111 of Channel A's 'Groom Class', which airs at 9:30 pm on the 24th (today).

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google