Jasson' wife Hong Hyeon-hee was caught kissing Oh Sang-jin on the forehead.
Jasson' wife Hong Hyeon-hee was caught kissing Oh Sang-jin on the forehead.
Hong Hyun-hee appears wearing Andre Kim's clothes.

In TV CHOSUN's 'SeMojip - Every House in the World', which airs at 10 p.m. on the 23rd, Hong Hyun-hee shows off-world tension and unique fashion.

Prior to the full-scale visit, Hong Hyun-hee said, "This house is a house where fashion and art live," and added, "I told the production team that I, a 'fashionista in the comedy world,' would go." It is said that the main character of this 'Three Collection' worked as a fashion designer and worked as a first-generation hair designer in Korea and worked as a hair artist for top stars of the time. The elegant tone of voice and elegant fashion of the 'homeowner' I met at the forestry site attracts attention. In particular, everyone was surprised when he was revealed to be the originator of the 'sheep head', a feature of Andre Kim's fashion show.

Oh Sang-jin, who was on this business trip, bursts into laughter when he sees Hong Hyun-hee's fashion appearing from afar. MC Boom, who was watching in the studio, could not hide his surprise as he responded, "Is it a ghost? Isn't it a big rice?" Hong Hyun-hee drew attention by saying, “The clothes I wore were made by teacher Andre Kim himself and were airlifted with great difficulty.”

Hong Hyun-hee then proposes a ‘forehead kiss performance’ to Oh Sang-jin. However, Oh Sang-jin, who was struck by Hong Hyun-hee's excessive accessories, showed off his absurd charm and made people laugh. It was even revealed that Oh Sang-jin was the only MC of 'Three Houses' who stood at Andre Kim's fashion show. Sangjin Oh said, “It was an honor for my family to stand in his fashion show,” and brought the clothes he wore at the time directly to the studio, creating admiration. In response to the MCs' torch, Oh Sang-jin plans to recreate the fashion show from 17 years ago and show off the emotions of that time.

Oh Sang-jin said, "It's a dream village that goes beyond a dream house. I came here after seeing a house that was as big as 10,000 pyeong," and the MCs were surprised as they predicted the largest ever house purchase. Inside the house, it is known that the owner, a legendary hair designer and now a drawing artist, has his own gallery and even a runway area, raising curiosity.

The hair designer's huge home, reminiscent of a scene from Andre Kim's fashion show, can be seen at 'Semojip - Every House in the World' at 10 PM on the 23rd.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google