Yoo Hyeon-cheol and Kim Seul-gi, who had been rumored to have broken off their engagement, have reported their marriage.
Yoo Hyeon-cheol and Kim Seul-gi, who had been rumored to have broken off their engagement, have reported their marriage.
In the TV CHOSUN entertainment show 'Joseon's Lovers', 'April bride and groom' Won Hyuk and Lee Soo-min visited the 'Mr. Lotto' site with Lee Soo-min's father Lee Yong-sik and handed over wedding invitations, selecting MC Kim Seong-ju as the wedding host. Kim Ji-min, who also performed an ovarian age test, received congratulations from Jeon Jin and Ryu Yi-seo, who were with her. The reconciliation process and marriage registration of 'single couple with children' Yoo Hyeon-cheol and Kim Seul-gi were also captured. 'Joseon's Lover' continued to attract attention with a viewership rating of 4.1% per minute (Nielsen Korea, national standard).

In 'Joseon's Lover' broadcast on the 22nd, Wonhyuk and Lee Su-min, the couple from 'Joseon's Lover', went to the 'Mr. Lotto' site with Lee Yong-sik and delivered wedding invitations. Lee Yong-sik first selected MC Kim Seong-ju, who introduced Won-hyuk on the program, as the wedding host. He said, "Kim Seong-ju was the first to introduce him, so shouldn't he continue to introduce him? He also has something in common, being the son of a pastor."

The three people who arrived at the scene met with Ahn Seong-hoon and Na Sang-do, who had carefully cared for Won-hyuk since 'Mr. Trot 2', and resolved their concerns. Ahn Seong-hoon, who received the wedding invitation, asked for help, saying, "I am looking for a partner for Na Sang-do." In response, Choi Seong-guk gave a humorous laugh, saying, “Then Na Sang-do, from now on, you will go with (Shim) Hyeon-seop.” The three then finished delivering wedding invitations to numerous people, including actors Lee Dong-jun, Jae-ha, Park Seo-jin, Park Seong-on, Park Ji-hyun, and Choi Su-ho.

After finally delivering the wedding invitations to 'Mr. Lotto' MC Boom and Kim Seong-ju, Lee Yong-sik quickly delivered the main point, saying, "If we win, Kim Seong-ju will host the ceremony, and Boom will take care of managing the congratulatory money whether we win or lose," before returning to the waiting room. Accordingly, Kim Seong-ju raised expectations by telling the remaining two people about the 'taste' of the wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, they lost by 2 points in the competition where the entire family came out, but they predicted a spectacular wedding in April.
Yoo Hyeon-cheol and Kim Seul-gi, who had been rumored to have broken off their engagement, have reported their marriage.
Yoo Hyeon-cheol and Kim Seul-gi, who had been rumored to have broken off their engagement, have reported their marriage.
On this day, Kim Ji-min decided to undergo an ovarian age test and visited the gynecologist with her best friend Ryu Yi-seo to hear the results. The obstetrician-gynecologist said, “The ovarian age was found to be in the 20s,” and reported a positive result of around 27 years old. Kim Ji-min exclaimed and was delighted. Kim Ji-min and Ryu Yi-seo, who were in high spirits, packed up loach stew and headed to the house where Jeon Jin was waiting. On the way, Kim Ji-min heard from a tarot reading that ‘you should get married this year.’ As soon as he entered the entrance, Jeon Jin welcomed his wife, Ryu Yi-seo, with affectionate skinship and served Kim Ji-min, who had worked hard, with seaweed soup that he had cooked himself and a table full of side dishes that made her look like her legs would break.

Before telling Kim Jun-ho the good news, Ryu Yi-seo suggested Kim Ji-min's 'surprise camera'. Kim Jun-ho showed his concern at Kim Ji-min's dark voice and tearful acting, saying, "Where are you? I'll go there!" and prepared to come in a month, impressing people. Kim Ji-min continued to cry and showed off her acting skills, saying, "My ovarian age was found to be in my mid-40s." Kim Jun-ho comforted Kim Ji-min with a joke, saying, "Then, if you're in your mid-40s, you're a perfect match for me. I'm in my 50s."

Soon, Kim Ji-min revealed that her ovarian age was '27 years old.' Kim Jun-ho was happy and said, “Are you dating me when I’m 27?” However, Kim Jun-ho, who heard Jeon Jin's voice congratulating him over the phone, joked, "Why are you there? My girlfriend is doing an ovarian test?" Kim Jun-ho, relieved, honestly confessed, "I thought, 'I should get tested elsewhere,' and 'Then should we live with a dog?'" Jinjin also expressed his admiration, saying, “Hyung, you were really cool.”

Kim Ji-min, the representative of the 'K-Confucian Girl', was shocked by the sweet atmosphere of Jeon Jin and Ryu Yi-seo, and asked about the secret of skinship between the two lovebirds, who have been married for 6 years. Kim Ji-min made everyone laugh by saying, "We had a lot of secret relationships, so we're not used to holding hands. We even had our first kiss behind our backs." Kim Ji-min, who was shocked to hear that Ryu Yi-seo applied lotion to Jin-jin and even put on underwear, was stunned by the 'sweet skinship' that followed. However, in the studio, he revealed his improved expression of affection, saying, "(Thanks to Jeon Jin and Ryu Yi-seo) things are changing these days. After that, I tell Junho who goes golfing, 'Be sure to come in first place.'"

Lastly, single couple Yoo Hyeon-cheol and Kim Seul-gi, who were embroiled in breakup rumors, were caught on a restaurant date. Yoo Hyeon-cheol arrived at the restaurant first with flowers and gifts and waited for Kim Seul-gi. When Kim Seul-gi looked at Yoo Hyeon-cheol dressed up and asked, "You came dressed up today?", Yoo Hyeon-cheol jokingly said, "It's a boyfriend look."

Eventually, after an honest conversation, the two entered into reconciliation mode. The two filled out the marriage registration documents with happy faces at city hall. Seulgi Kim was confident, saying, “I think it’s right to register our marriage when we make up our minds.” Yoo Hyeon-cheol also agreed, saying, "The children are more important, so I asked to use it quickly. We need to create a family fence..." After telling Kim Seul-gi's father the news over the phone, the two entered the path of becoming a 'real couple', starting with free snapshots provided by City Hall.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google