Kim Gwang-gyu showed interest in purchasing the island.
Kim Gwang-gyu showed interest in purchasing the island.
Gwang-gyu Kim showed interest in the beautiful island.

In TV CHOSUN's 'Three Houses - Every House in the World', which will be aired at 10 PM on the 23rd, a trip to a different island owned by super-rich billionaires will take place.

The 'Global LAN Climbing Site' section covers the TOP 3 islands that have captured the hearts of the world's richest people, from Lanai Island, which has unique attractions, to Laucala Island, an optimal resort, and Necker Island, home to over 300 species of rare animals.

Kim Gwang-gyu said, “The last island (Necker Island) really touched me,” and in fact, this island was said to have been purchased for 160 million won, which further captured his heart. Kim Gwang-gyu also revealed his exuberant dream, saying, “I will buy that island.” However, when it was revealed that the island could currently be rented for 180 million won per day, he burst into tears, shouting, "Oh what! The island (purchase price) is 160 million won!" Boom, who had experience living on the island through another program, was surprised when he revealed that the general public can also buy the island, saying, "(Island listings) are also posted on auction sites."

Hong Jin-kyung embarrassed everyone by revealing an unexpected thought, saying, "When I think of an island, I get dirty thoughts. My stomach is full." Accordingly, Jay wrote an anecdote about a boat being cut off on an island when he was dating Hong Hyeon-hee, earning cheers from the MCs. To the MCs who were curious about the secret, Hong Hyun-hee said, "Actually, I planned it all," and gave a twist, making people laugh.

In the 'Business trip rental' corner, a house rental on a record scale was announced. This house is known to have been completed in 10 years without a blueprint, drawn by the owner himself with a pencil. It is said that the size is approximately 10,000 pyeong. The interior of the house, which was built with nature in mind, aroused admiration from the MCs. Hong Jin-kyung heaped praise on the house, saying, “It is literally a house that blends well with nature.”

The story of the island, which can be purchased right now, and the details of the 10,000 pyeong house that makes a loud noise, can be seen at 'Semojip - Every House in the World' at 10 PM on the 23rd.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google