Ra Seon-wook ended up in controversy.
Ra Seon-wook ended up in controversy.
Controversy arose over Na Seon-wook, who lost 13 kg, calling her a ‘fake fat fat fat person’.

Continuing from last week, the SBS entertainment show 'Big Survival-Mukchippa', which aired on the 18th, featured a 'Physical VS Big Physical' showdown with guests Kim Dong-hyun and Hong Yun-hwa.

On this day's broadcast, the 'Temptation of Chicken' experiment was conducted with cameras to see the members' reactions to the chicken placed in each room. Seo Jang-hoon was suspicious, saying, “Isn’t there something else that will happen if I eat this?” Na-rae Park hesitated even while tearing off her chopsticks, and Seon-wook Ra without hesitation opened the chicken radish, drank the soup, and then tore off the chicken leg.

Kim Dong-hyeon ate chicken breast, saying, “I don’t like fried food,” and Lee Gyu-ho drank canned beer and then ate chicken. Shindong pondered as he held up a chicken bone, saying, “There is something there.”

After the experimental camera, the production team announced, “This mission is: whose bones are these?” It was a game where you had to look at the remains of the chicken eaten by the opposing team and guess who it belonged to. As a result, Kim Dong-hyun's team won the championship by guessing all five correctly.

The next game was a mission where you couldn't eat if you lost. In response, Ra Seon-wook, who is on a diet, said, “I hope I lose,” and Hong Yun-hwa, who heard this, said, “Are you a fake fat guy? “Keep your head straight,” he pointed out, causing laughter.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google