Lee Young-hyun confesses her poor family history
Lee Young-hyun confesses her poor family history
Singer Lee Young-hyun's mother shows off her 'king of singer DNA'.

In the 6th episode of Channel S and E Channel's entertainment show 'Playing Sister 2', which will be broadcast on the 16th, a family flower viewing tour will be held, with the mothers of Chae Ri-na and Lee Young-hyun, Lee Ji-hye, Narsha's husbands, and Choa's older sister. Ivy acts as a day travel guide and leads the ‘Family Package Tour’.

On this day, while everyone was traveling by bus to Cornus officinalis Village, Ivy asked Lee Young-hyun's mother, "Did you know that your daughter would become such a famous singer?" Ji-Hye Lee also praises Lee Young-Hyun by saying, “Lee Young-Hyun is one of the best singers in Korea, Park So-Igeo,” adding, “Your mother is also good at singing, right?” Younghyun Lee testifies, “When my mother was young, whenever she went to a singing competition, she always won prizes such as a bicycle or a dishwasher.” Immediately after, in the 'Family Singing Contest' held on the bus, Lee Young-hyun's mother impressed everyone with her outstanding voice and high notes.

Arriving at the destination, Cornus officinalis Village, while everyone was looking at flowers together, Lee Young-hyeon's mother frequently told her daughter to dress up and tidy up her hair. In response to K-Mom's constant nagging, Lee Young-hyun complains, "No one sees the seams of my skirt," and "I heard you talk about my hair 10 times today." However, soon, according to her mother's words, she adjusts her clothes and hair, showing a completely different 'daughter' Lee Young-hyun from her charismatic appearance on stage.

The mother and daughter sitting side by side reminisce about their childhood and go on a trip down memory lane. Younghyun Lee mentions his time as a high school student, saying, “I never talked about private academies or tutoring, but for the first time, I asked him to send me to a music academy.” At the same time, he confesses to his immature days, saying, “At the time, as I looked at my friends receiving tutoring that cost over 1 million won, I felt bad and wondered why my mom and dad couldn’t send me to a private academy.” My mother’s eyes filled with tears as she said, “It was a time when we couldn’t afford it,” and “The monthly academy fee of 360,000 won was a lot of money considering our circumstances.”

Then, the mother was shocked and said, “At that time, you said, ‘You will take the money now, but later you will earn it and give it back several times the amount.’” Lee Young-hyun asks back, “Did I do that?” and laughs together at the story of those times, which are now memories.

The story of Lee Young-hyun and her mother's singing skills in 'Mojeonyeojeon' and the mother's story of being forced to oppose her daughter's dream can be seen in episode 6 of 'Playing Sister 2', which airs at 8:40 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google