Kim Myung-soo, was his fashion sense this good? The school uniform, bangles, glasses, and scholar hat are shocking.
Kim Myung-soo, was his fashion sense this good? The school uniform, bangles, glasses, and scholar hat are shocking.
Actor Kim Myung-soo plays the role of an unrealistic visual scholar of the 21st century.

KBS2's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Treat Me Cruelly' released a still of Kim Myung-soo, who played the role of Shin Yun-bok, an iron-clad scholar who cannot be approached without permission. In the released photo, Kim Myung-soo is showing off the serious atmosphere of the character Shin Yun-bok with his bright eyes and upright attitude. The short hairstyle, hat and hanbok are stylishly worn, showing the elegance and grace of a scholar. Next, the appearance of wearing a modern school uniform, bangles, glasses, and a bojim and hat was reminiscent of a scholar living in the 21st century.

'Treat Me Cruelly' is based on the webtoon of the same name and is a polite romance drama about Shin Yun-bok (played by Kim Myeong-soo), a 21st century MZ scholar with a sense of humanity and wisdom, who meets Kim Hong-do (played by Lee Yu-young), a woman who is tired of living a life of being treated carelessly, and builds it up step by step. . The character Shin Yun-bok, who will be played by Kim Myung-soo in the play, is the successor to Seongsan Village, which retains the Joseon Dynasty appearance as if time has stopped, and a cultural property recovery specialist who is responsible for the family's mission. A person who looks good in a hat and hanbok, and is a person of integrity who upholds morals and principles. Shin Yun-bok is the greatest Confucian boy of this era, who believes that the words of the elders of his family are law. On the other hand, he also has the appearance of an MZ youth full of adventure and rebelliousness. He cannot trust people's emotions, so he is polite to everyone, but draws a line when others try to approach him.

In Seoul, where he runs away from home to pursue his dream of becoming a webtoon writer, he meets his destined partner, Kim Hong-do, and stands at the starting point of change. Shin Yun-bok's story raises even more curiosity about how he, who does not easily give his heart to others, will face the endless whirlwind of emotions. Kim Myung-soo's new acting transformation, returning as Shin Yun-bok, is expected to provide viewers with special excitement and unique fun.

‘Treat Me Cruelly’ will premiere on the 13th of next month at 10:10 PM.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong translated by google