Park Seo-jin, sobbing over her parents' portrait photo
Park Seo-jin, sobbing over her parents' portrait photo
Park Seo-jin's parents take a self-portrait photo while on a date.

The story of Park Seo-jin's family's second spring picnic will unfold on KBS2's entertainment show 'Men Who Do Housework Season 2' (hereinafter referred to as 'Salimnam'), which will be aired on the 13th.

Park Seo-jin, who marked the ending of the Gurye Sansuyu Festival performance on this day, spends a happy time combining work and family outings. From taking the first family photo with Park Seo-jin and her parents to eating a 9-layer lunch box, small but special memories are made. At this time, Park Seo-jin, the 'God of Janggu', is raising expectations by saying that he will show an exciting Janggu performance using an ice box and a spoon.

On this day, about 1,200 fans from all over the country came in about 30 large buses to see Park Seo-jin's performance and were amazed. Park Seo-jin boards the bus of fans who came to see him one by one and expresses his gratitude. Next, it was reported that Park Seo-jin's fandom ranking on a portal site was second after Lim Young-woong, and even first-generation idol Eun Ji-won was surprised and said, "It's amazing."

Meanwhile, Park Seo-jin's parents enjoy a date while sightseeing the festival alone. While enjoying a pleasant date, my parents said, “Let’s take a portrait of the deceased while we’re out.” They take pictures of each other, saying, “If you ask the kids to take pictures, they will feel uncomfortable, so let’s take pictures without them knowing.” Park Seo-jin, who found out about this fact late in the studio, sheds a lot of tears.

Afterwards, singer Yoyomi, known as ‘Little Hye-eun’, comes to Park Seo-jin’s waiting room ahead of the performance. Seeing Yoyomi's polite and cute appearance, Park Seo-jin's younger sister, Park Hyo-jeong, said, "I feel like a new sister. Can I call you my sister-in-law?" Her parents also said, "Can I have you as my daughter-in-law?" and drank kimchi soup, making the atmosphere strange.

The story of Park Seo-jin's family's spring picnic will be revealed on 'Salimnam', which airs at 9:15 pm on this day.

Meanwhile, Park Seo-jin has a painful memory of her older brother, who was battling liver cancer, passing away due to side effects of a liver transplant on the day of his younger brother's 49th death. Park Seo-jin said, "It seems like my brothers are still alive and will come back. Even though my eldest brother was barely conscious after the surgery, he recognized me as 'my younger brother Park Hyo-bin.'"

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google