Blackpink Rose's 'I-Land 2' signal song is receiving favorable reviews.
Blackpink Rose's 'I-Land 2' signal song is receiving favorable reviews.
CJ ENM's signal song 'I-Land 2: N/a', a project to create a never-before-seen iconic collaboration girl group presented by Mnet, is stirring the hearts of fans around the world.

The signal song 'FINAL LOVE SONG' of 'I-LAND 2: N/a' (hereinafter referred to as 'I-LAND 2: N/a'), which will be broadcast for the first time on Mnet at 8:50 pm on the 18th. ' has been receiving attention from K-pop fans at home and abroad since its release.

'FINAL LOVE SONG', with its magnificent EDM sound and highly addictive melody, is a dance song that samples the world famous song 'The Final Countdown'. The Black Label, led by TEDDY, participated in producing. The lyrics contain the strong will of the applicants who ran for their dreams.

The signal song performance video, in which global artist ROSÉ participated in singing along with 24 applicants for 'I-Land 2: N/a', exceeded 2 million views on YouTube within one day of its release. About 15,000 comments were posted on the video, and global K-pop fans showed explosive interest, such as "Rosé's voice in the performance video is a godsend," and "I think this is the best of all Mnet signal songs so far." .

This signal song, which follows 'Pick Me', 'It's Me, Me', 'OOO', and 'I Shine', also took the top spot in X (formerly Twitter)'s real-time trend ranking. With keywords such as 'FINAL LOVE SONG OUT NOW', it ranked first in countries around the world, including Vietnam and the Philippines. Even in Korea, the program name and signal song title entered the top trending rankings, proving its high global topicality. A relay of positive reviews from netizens was held for ‘FINAL LOVE SONG’ sung by 24 applicants. On major domestic music sites and K-pop related communities, reactions such as "Thanks to sampling of famous songs, I was able to enjoy them without barriers to entry" and "As soon as I heard this signal song, I felt shivers all over my body."

The girl group's debut project 'I-Land 2: N/a' will premiere on Mnet at 8:50 pm on the 18th. 'I-Land 2: N/a' is a point of note as it combines fresh planning and producing know-how based on Mnet's unique format with Teddy, a world-class producer recognized by the world. Following actor Song Kang's announcement of his participation as a storyteller, main producer Taeyang, music producers 24 (2Anyfour) and VVN (Vivienne), and performance directors Monica and Lee Jeong completed the combination of talented producers and directors.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google