Song Kang, who is in the military, says hello to 'I-Land 2'
Song Kang, who is in the military, says hello to 'I-Land 2'
CJ ENM's Mnet project 'I-Land 2: N/a', a project to create a never-before-seen iconic collaboration girl group, has released a storyteller teaser featuring actor Song Kang.

The storyteller teaser video for 'I-LAND 2: N/a' (hereinafter referred to as 'I-LAND 2: N/a'), which will be broadcast for the first time on Mnet at 8:50 pm on Thursday, April 18th, will be released on the 9th ( Today) the veil was taken off.

The released video captures attention by showing Song Kang, who participated as a storyteller in 'I-Land 2: N/a'. He predicted, "The 24 applicants begin an adventure to awaken all their possibilities and find a new self. The flame of growth is fostered through fierce competition against the fate of survival and release, numerous moments of choices and decisions, and passionate solidarity." It was announced that a new journey in Ireland had begun.

Song Kang's performance as a storyteller, a link with viewers and a symbolic figure leading the world view, has already raised expectations. Song Kang said, "There is something that becomes solid in the time that breaks the frame of limitations and fills the light of the child (I) called I (N/a). Their faith in each other and their dream of debuting. The growth story they write may be our story. “I don’t know,” he said, arousing curiosity. Next, he extended his hand towards the camera and invited viewers to I-Land with the comment, "N of unpredictable diversity, Alpha a with infinite possibilities. Would you like to join me in 'I-Land 2: N/a'?"

A direct cam video of the performance video of the signal song 'FINAL LOVE SONG' by 24 applicants for 'I-Land 2: N/a', which garnered an explosive response immediately after its release, was also released. Through this fancam, which vividly captures the performances of each applicant, you can appreciate the detailed facial expressions and choreography of the 24 people, which were difficult to see in a group composition.

Meanwhile, the girl group's debut project 'I-Land 2: N/a', which will be created through an iconic collaboration that has never been seen in the world, will premiere on Mnet at 8:50 pm on Thursday, April 18th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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