Chansung Hwang releases MV for Japanese animation ‘RE:MONSTER’ theme song ‘Into the Fire’
Chansung Hwang releases MV for Japanese animation ‘RE:MONSTER’ theme song ‘Into the Fire’
The music video for the opening theme song 'Into the Fire' of the Japanese TV animation 'RE:MONSTER' sung by group 2PM member and actor Hwang Chan-seong has been released.

According to his agency ElJuly Entertainment on the 9th, Hwang Chan-sung, who has advanced into the animation field following dramas and is reaching out to the Japanese public in a variety of ways, is further expanding his global scope of activity through this work.

'Into the Fire' is a song featuring 2AM member Lee Chang-min, who collaborated with Hwang Chan-sung and AK-69, a representative player in the Japanese hip-hop industry. This music video stands out for its intense visual beauty and thrilling sound reminiscent of a blockbuster movie.

Hwang Chan-sung, AK-69, and Lee Chang-min appear with strong charisma. Amidst the burning flames, Hwang Chan-sung's energetic rap, sophisticated vocals, and intense visual beauty reminiscent of a blockbuster movie captivate the ears and eyes.

Behind the lyrics, "There is no meaning. Set me free," a game between the chaser and the chased unfolds, and the image of Hwang Chan-sung dominating the darkness without fear amidst pouring fire makes the heart beat. Viewers can experience a sense of immersion as if they are being drawn into the story of a music video through Hwang Chan-sung's emotional vocals, moments where his acting skills shine, powerful visuals, and thrilling sound.

Chansung Hwang said, "We placed great emphasis on visually expressing the song's message through filming the music video. I hope that fans will be able to feel the story and emotions the song is trying to convey more deeply by watching the music video."

This music video was directed by Japanese music video director Toshitsugu Ono. He is known as a talented person who directed music videos for Japanese idol groups AKB48 and Twice, as well as concerts for FT Island and CNBLUE.

Recently, Hwang Chan-sung is receiving a lot of attention locally for his first Japanese drama starring role, 'Junkit Sain Love', which aired on the 31st of last month. In addition to the drama, the theme song 'Korekara no Kimi no Tameni' sung by Hwang Chan-seong is also receiving great attention.

Chansung Hwang will begin his single album release tour on the 21st. This tour is expected to be a meaningful opportunity to commemorate Hwang Chan-sung's various activities in Japan and communicate directly with fans.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google