Kim Seung-hyun's daughter "I feel jealous of my stepmother's pregnancy"
Kim Seung-hyun's daughter "I feel jealous of my stepmother's pregnancy"
The 'original teen stars' Kim Seung-hyeon and Kim Su-bin are the second customers of the 'Family Reconciliation Project' of Channel A's entertainment show 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', which airs today (9th). On this day, MC Jeong Hyeong-don revealed the news of Kim Seung-hyun and Jang Jeong-yoon's second pregnancy, and the counseling center family sent generous congratulations to Kim Seung-hyun and Jang Jeong-yoon. Kim Seung-hyun responds with a ceremony for the second generation, reveals an ultrasound photo of the fetus, and shares the emotion of the birth of the second generation with the counseling center family.

The warm atmosphere was short-lived, and daughter Kim Soo-bin confessed her honest feelings to her soon-to-be-born 23-year-old younger brother, saying, “I feel jealous.” When a younger sibling is born, the family's attention and love will be poured on the younger sibling, but she honestly confesses her feelings, saying, "I have heard many people say, "It was hard raising you," and "I don't think I was blessed by this family." He then revealed that since he lived with his grandparents since he was young, it was difficult and awkward for him to call Kim Seung-hyun 'dad' and to be alone with him or make eye contact with him.

In the video released to show what the father and daughter are like when they are alone, only awkward greetings, silence, and parallel conversations without any contact continue. Dr. Oh Eun-young, who was watching the two, said that although they love each other, they are awkward and do not seem close, and wants to listen to the story of the father and daughter in more detail.

First, Dr. Eunyoung Oh reveals some of the sentence completion tests she had previously tested in order to provide in-depth counseling for her daughter Kim Soobin. When her daughter Kim Soo-bin wrote, 'Feeling I did something wrong when I was young was something I was born with,' Dr. Oh Eun-young asked if she often felt that way. Kim Soo-bin still thinks about this a lot even now, and since she was young, she said, “Your dad was really famous, but things haven’t gone well since you were born. “You must always be careful,” he said. “Is there something wrong with my existence?” He says that he thinks about it.

In response, Dr. Eun-young Oh explains, “It seems that Subin was not treated with respect in many cases due to his family environment,” pointing out that there is a fundamental fear of not being considered precious and precious in difficult situations, that is, abandonment anxiety. . Kim Seung-hyun then confesses that he did not see his daughter often, and even when he did see him, he considered himself a villain because he was worried that his daughter would grow up crooked in a single-parent family. Every time that happens, daughter Kim Soo-bin responds by asking, “Why do you come here sometimes and pretend to be your dad?”, showing that their disappointment and wounds have deepened.

Next, Dr. Eunyoung Oh reveals the results of the MMPI (Multi-faceted Personality Test) conducted in advance. Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzes the characteristics of her daughter Kim Soo-bin, who has a strong sense of self-reproach, and explains that she thinks it is her fault when something bad happens to people around her whom she considers precious. Accordingly, Kim Seung-hyun was contacted by a program in the past and suggested that his daughter appear together. He was grateful for her courage and said, "I feel like my father was unable to work because of me, so if he can work again with this opportunity, I will definitely work with him." , daughter Kim Soo-bin confessed that she had been hurt a lot by malicious comments and disparaging comments from her friends after appearing on the show, causing regret.

MC Park Na-rae, who was listening to this, recalled her own experience, saying that when a family member who appeared on TV for me receives malicious comments, it hurts even more and it becomes difficult to deal with it, which makes me mentally weak. Kim Seung-hyun also sympathizes with Park Na-rae's words and shows his upset feelings.

Kim Seung-hyun sheds tears as he feels sorry for not being able to be with his daughter since she was young, saying, “I thought she would understand even if I didn’t tell her the truth.” It is said that he brought the studio to tears by confessing his sincerity as a father, saying that he regretted what he could not do for his daughter and only realized it while preparing for her second birthday.

‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ airs every Tuesday at 8:10 p.m.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google