Song Ji-hyo succeeds in opening a beauty salon
Song Ji-hyo succeeds in opening a beauty salon
Song Ji-hyo and Jeong Hyuk meet K-beauty fans from around Asia.

'Beauty's Meddling Hemeko Show' (hereinafter referred to as 'Heme Ko Show'), which will be released for the first time through the YouTube 'Hemeko Show' channel on the 13th, is about MCs Song Ji-hyo and Jeong Hyuk joining hands with Korea's best hair and makeup artists to start a beauty salon. It is an observational talk entertainment program in which popular celebrities and ordinary people in Asia participate as guests every week.

'Hemeko Show' will be aired simultaneously on terrestrial and cable channels in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Myanmar, as well as on the domestic YouTube 'Hemeko Show' channel. The determination of Song Ji-hyo and Jeong Hyeok, who have a meaningful opportunity to meet viewers across Asia with 'Hemeko Show', is extraordinary. I listened directly to the two people's stories, from their thoughts on this to the chemistry between the MC duo.

First, Song Ji-hyo began by saying, “As this is a program that is being released simultaneously in various countries and platforms, the first emotion I felt was excitement.” He said, “When preparing for ‘Hemeko Show’, rather than worrying, I think the happiness and joy of being able to meet many and diverse viewers was greater. “I hope you can enjoy the joy and happiness I felt,” he said.

Song Ji-hyo then attracted attention by mentioning her chemistry with Jeong Hyeok, who co-hosted the show. He introduced Jeong Hyeok as “a friend full of energy,” and reiterated his determination, saying, “I will work hard to create a beneficial ‘Hemeko Show’ by receiving Jeong Hyeok’s energy.”

Jeong Hyuk also did not forget to talk about working with Song Ji Hyo. He said, “I was able to think about this program proposal more positively because senior Song Ji-hyo was there. “When we worked together, we had a really enjoyable synergy and were able to have pleasant chemistry on set,” he said.

Regarding his thoughts on the overseas simultaneous broadcast of 'Hemeko Show', Jeong Hyeok said, "I am a little nervous because I have rarely broadcast while communicating with people overseas." He continued, “Through various contents, we will provide a lot of fun and helpful information, just as we serve good food to valuable guests. “We will make sure you have a great time, so please look forward to it.”

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google