Gwang-gyu Kim confesses to voice phishing
Gwang-gyu Kim confesses to voice phishing
‘Victim of rental fraud’ Kim Gwang-gyu reveals the story of how he almost became a victim of voice phishing.

TV CHOSUN's 'Se-Moejip-All the Houses in the World', which will be broadcast on the 9th, will reveal everything from breakfast service, one of the emerging apartment communities, to MCs' tips for choosing a house for the spring moving season.

First, interior designer Jay Tseun says, “My son has to go to kindergarten later, so I get to see the surrounding infrastructure.” His wife, Hong Hyeon-hee, shows off her feng shui fanatic side by saying, “A house that makes money needs good lighting.” In response, Author Jay asks, “Isn’t it different from what you said to me?” After questioning, Hong Hyun-hee confesses the truth and makes people laugh.

Gwang-gyu Kim urges us not to trust our feelings. When Kim Gwang-gyu could no longer speak, saying, “I just went in believing in my feelings,” the MCs sensed that this was a story about a past lease scam and couldn’t help but sigh. Gwang-gyu Kim said, “It was a house to raise a baby. “When I saw the smell of the baby and the feeling of being warmly embraced, I thought, ‘This is the house,’ but I was deceived,” he said, sharing his vivid experience.

Next, Gwang-gyu Kim also tells an anecdote about being subjected to voice phishing in the past. “I installed the app linked to the link and my phone wasn’t my phone,” he said. “I called the police station and a scammer answered.” He shocked everyone by revealing his unexpected voice phishing experience.

In the 'Global LAN Line Manager' section, we introduce the breakfast service, which is a 'Rise' service in the apartment industry. In particular, Kim Gwang-gyu is said to have shown a special interest in the breakfast service, saying, “If I just buy groceries and eat one meal, the whole day goes by.”

‘Three Houses – All the Houses in the World’ will be available on the 9th at 10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google