Lee Moo-saeng and Lee Cheong-ah had an affair
Lee Moo-saeng and Lee Cheong-ah had an affair
Lee Bo-young witnessed Lee Moo-saeng and Lee Cheong-ah's affair and became angry.

In the 6th episode of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama and Coupang Play series 'Hide', which aired on the 7th, a shocking twist appeared in which Cha Seong-jae (Lee Moo-saeng) became romantically involved with Ha Yeon-joo (Lee Cheong-ah). Na Moon-young (Lee Bo-young) was furious and rushed at the two people with her car.

Na Moon-young judged that her husband Cha Seong-jae murdered Hwang Tae-soo along with his mother-in-law (Nam Ki-ae) and urged him to turn himself in. The video of Cha Seong-jae's mother's murder of Prince Hwang, released in front of her parents-in-law, devastated the family, and Cha Seong-jae, who was even slapped by his father Cha Woong (Park Ji-il), went to see Ha Yeon-ju. “Are you sending the video?” The sight of Cha Sung-jae strangling Ha Yeon-joo as if she were going to kill him gave me goosebumps. However, he soon realized that Chairman Choi Moo-won was watching him and left the house.

In the end, Cha Seong-jae was arrested by the police following Na Moon-young's report. However, rather than reflecting at the police station, Cha Seong-jae instead shot Na Moon-young with a red-faced letter, saying, “You betrayed me,” and “Disappear before my eyes.” However, as if they had been waiting for him, Keumshin Corporation's lawyer and Yoon Seok-gu (Kim Min) went to the police station and submitted Cha Sung-jae's perfect alibi, and Cha Sung-jae was immediately released. The murder charge of Hwang Tae-soo (So Yun-ho) was cleverly laid on Ma Kang (Hong Seo-jun), who died in prison.

Na Moon-young, curious about Ha Yeon-ju's hidden intentions, secretly followed her by car. Cha Seong-jae, who was waiting at the villa on the outskirts of Ha Yeon-ju's home, shared a passionate kiss with Ha Yeon-joo a moment later, and this image caught Na Moon-young's gaze. Na Moon-young, who lost her temper and was overcome with anger, stepped on the car's accelerator, broke the entire window of the villa, and rushed towards the two people.

On this day, Do Jin-woo's (Lee Min-jae) past story also appeared and attracted attention. In good faith, he helped Hwang Tae-soo, who was being harassed by a group of former Iljin members, and committed accidental murder in the process of stopping the angry group of Iljin members from harassing Do Jin-woo's girlfriend. Afterwards, Hwang Tae-soo appeared in front of Do Jin-woo, who was released from prison, and handed him a photo of a child and told him that Do Jin-woo's girlfriend had given birth. This was the child whose whereabouts Do Jin-Woo was currently persistently searching for.

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