Song Ji-hyo opened a beauty salon
Song Ji-hyo opened a beauty salon
'Beauty's Meddling Hemeko Show' Song Ji-hyo and Jeong Hyeok expressed their thoughts on joining the program.

'Beauty's Meddling Hemeko Show' (hereinafter 'Hemeko Show'), which will be released for the first time on the 13th, is an observational talk entertainment program in which MCs Song Ji-hyo and Jeong Hyeok join hands with Korea's top hair and makeup artists to start a beauty salon. Every week, popular celebrities and ordinary people from Asia participate as guests. In Korea, it will be released through the YouTube 'Hemeko Show' channel, and will be simultaneously reflected on terrestrial and cable channels in various Asian countries, including Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

Today (8th), 'Hemeko Show' released an interview with Song Ji-hyo and Jeong Hyeok. Song Ji-hyo and Jeong Hyeok listened directly to the two MCs' stories about what attracted them to the program and why they decided to appear.

When asked about her thoughts on the program, Song Ji-hyo said, "I am very excited and nervous to be a part of 'Hemeko Show' at a time when K-beauty is attracting more attention. Although I have participated in several beauty programs before, I am nervous as it is my first time starting a beauty salon myself. “But I am also looking forward to it because I think I will be able to gain a lot of information through the program.”

Song Ji-hyo then recalled the time when she received an MC offer for 'Hemeko Show' and expressed her feelings about joining the MC. Song Ji-hyo said, "I was so excited when I first received the program offer. I was interested in being able to work with the best hair and makeup artists in Korea, and I was also greedy for the many things I could learn through diverse and valuable experiences. Viewers from all over the world. “I will try to communicate with people, have fun, and provide useful information,” he said.

Jeong Hyeok, who will co-lead the program, was also happy to meet 'Hemeko Show'. Jeong Hyeok said, "I've been interested in beauty recently, and it's meaningful to be able to join a fun program. There may be some shortcomings, but I'll try it with fun."

Although Jeong Hyeok has worked as a fashion model for many years, he said, "I didn't have much confidence when I first received the MC offer because I thought I had limited beauty expertise." Jeong Hyeok said, "On the other hand, I thought that if there were people who wanted to learn about beauty like me, they would find it more comfortable to watch the broadcast by using me as a person and learning about it together." At the same time, he strengthened his determination, saying, “I will try to help me and the viewers grow together through our program.”

'Hemeko Show', which will be released in various Asian countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Myanmar, will play a role as a guide for K-beauty, according to 'Hemeko Show'.

‘Hemeko Show’ is scheduled to be released for the first time on the 13th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google