Yubi Lee, engaged to Shinshin Lee
Yubi Lee, engaged to Shinshin Lee
Eom Ki-jun's vicious counterattack shocked me.

In the 4th episode of the Friday-Saturday drama 'Resurrection of the Seven', which aired on the 6th, an even more tense battle unfolded between Matthew Lee (=Shim Jun-seok/Eom Ki-jun) and Min Do-hyuk (Lee Joon). Min Do-hyuk wore the mask of Lee Hwi-so and shook Matthew Lee, and Matthew Lee's evil deed, which committed murder again, caused goosebumps. Here, Geum Ra-hee (played by Hwang Jeong-eum) trampled on Han Mo-ne (played by Lee Yu-bi) with a meticulous plan. Han Mo-ne's anger as she pledged revenge against him made me even more curious about the tangled direction of revenge.

Matthew Lee was completely fooled by Min Do-hyuk. As the golden time passed, Tiki Taka and the police were unable to find the location of Noh Na (played by Shim Ji-yu). Matthew Lee, who found out the location late, went straight to his secret villa. An unexpected person was waiting there. The real Lee Hwi-so (played by Min Young-ki) appears. Lee Hwi-so trapped Matthew Lee and cornered serial killer Shim Jun-seok (played by Kim Do-hoon) by specifying his location as a villa. Matthew Lee fell unconscious after being sprayed with an unknown gas. It was Min Do-hyuk who looked down at him coldly and took off Lee Hwi-so's mask.

The villains who arrived before the police staged a fake act by kissing Matthew Lee. He complained to the police that he was attacked while trying to catch Shim Jun-seok. At that time, news came that Min Do-hyuk had found Noh Hanna. Reporters flocked after hearing the news, and Min Do-hyuk asked the camera to remember Hanna's face. The plan that Min Do-hyuk created to protect Noh Hanna succeeded in putting a dent in Matthew Lee's plan. Public opinion continued to criticize Tiki Taka, with even discussing the uselessness of the Children's Home app.

Matthew Lee's anxiety grew as he became convinced that Lee Hwi-so was alive. Matthew Lee, who thought he needed a security program for Save that even Lee Hwi-so could not break through, decided to use Hanmone (played by Lee Yu-bi). Geum Ra-hee also decided to take advantage of this. He presented the mission to prove his reason for living by obtaining Save's security program from Hwang Chan-seong (played by Lee Jeong-shin). At the same time, Matthew Lee also made a new plan. It was a bloody plan to create a fake Sim Jun-seok and catch him in order to stop Min Do-hyuk, who was actively pretending to be Sim Jun-seok. So Matthew Lee placed a huge bounty on Sim Jun-seok's life.

Matthew Lee's target was Han Mo's younger brother Han Cheong-su (played by Lee Yu-jin). Matthew Lee used Han Cheong-su to capture Han Mo-ne's biological mother, Yoon Ji-sook (played by Kim Hyun), and mercilessly eliminated Han Cheong-su on the spot. The intention is to completely erase Han Cheong-su's body from the world by disguising it as Shim Jun-seok. Ji-sook Yoon was also made up as the last victim murdered by Jun-seok Shim. The next day, a breaking news report was reported that Sim Jun-seok was found dead in a reservoir. Then news of Yoon Ji-sook's death also came out. Han Monet, overcome by unbearable sadness and shock, broke down. It was the moment when Geum Ra-hee's bloody revenge, who designed everything to make Han Mon-e feel the same pain that Bang Da-mi (played by Jeong Ra-el) experienced, was realized. Min Do-hyuk also swallowed his anger and screamed.

On this day, a big change occurred in Hanmone. Hanmone, who met Hwang Chan-seong for a mission to obtain a save security program, answered his questions honestly. She revealed the truth for the first time, saying that everything about Han Mone, from her difficult past to the identity of her biological mother, Yoon Ji-sook, was fake. Hwang Chan-seong visited Han Mon's after Yoon Ji-sook's death, as if his sincerity was conveyed. He comforted Han Mo-ne, who was unable to recover from the shock, by telling her to use him, and the two held a quick engagement ceremony. Han Mo-ne's cold promise, "From now on, I will spend my life killing Geum Ra-hee," signaled the beginning of another revenge. In particular, the twisted epilogue was thrilling. Before the villains arrived after Matthew Lee's crime, Geum Ra-hee was depicted stealing Yoon Ji-sook and replacing her with another body.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google