Choi Min-hwan mentions ex-wife Yul-hee, “A precious mother to my children”
Choi Min-hwan mentions ex-wife Yul-hee, “A precious mother to my children”
Singer Choi Min-hwan, who recently broke the news of divorce, confessed his feelings.

Episode 520 of KBS2's 'The Return of Superman', which will be aired at 9:15 pm on the 7th (Sunday), will be featured as the 'You are my spring' episode. On the 30th of last month, a preview video of Choi Min-hwan and the three siblings 'Jaeyul-Ayoon-Arin' was released on YouTube, exceeding 690,000 views, drawing enthusiastic support from viewers. Accordingly, in this week's broadcast, the ups and downs of 'single dad' Choi Min-hwan and his children begin in earnest. Choi Min-hwan plans to captivate viewers with the appearance of a true Superman, who raised three siblings in an era of low birth rates and whose hobby and specialty is 'parenting'.

Before appearing on 'Shoodol' on this day, 'Single Dad' Choi Min-hwan, who is fully responsible for raising his three siblings, conveys his affectionate feelings for Jaeyul, Ayun, and Arin. Choi Min-hwan said, “I thought of the children and gathered myself together. “I’m working really hard to keep the children from being traumatized or hurt as much as possible,” he said, revealing the deep inner thoughts of a father who prioritizes his three siblings above all else.

Choi Min-hwan also conveys his honest feelings about the mother of three siblings. He said, “He’s doing a lot of things that I can’t do. “Because I am a precious mother to my children, I allow them to see me whenever they want,” she said, revealing the heart of a father who values and loves his children above all else.

On this day, Minhwan Choi takes charge of everything from preparing breakfast to housework for the three siblings, Jaeyul, Ayun, and Arin, and moves diligently without even putting his butt on the floor. Even after sending his three siblings to school, Minhwan Choi shows a meticulous side by cleaning without stopping upon returning home.

In addition, Choi Min-hwan plays with his energetic 7-year-old son Jaeyul with his whole body, and with his 5-year-old twin sisters Ayun and Arin, who love to decorate, he visits an accessory shop to buy hair bands and covers all the tasks that mom and dad do to take care of the children. It shows that they are paying attention to ensure that there are no gaps in the child care that children need. Accordingly, attention is focused on the parenting of Choi Min-hwan, who has been reborn as a hard-working Superman.

Meanwhile, KBS2 2TV's 'The Return of Superman' will change its time zone from the 7th and will be broadcast at 9:15 pm on Sunday night.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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