“Ahn Seong-hoon, not a word”... Yoon Seo-ryeong confesses her sad feelings
“Ahn Seong-hoon, not a word”... Yoon Seo-ryeong confesses her sad feelings
Singer Yoon Seo-ryeong heated up Friday night with her skills and stage control worthy of being in the top 10 of ‘Miss Trot 3’.

Seo-ryeong Yoon appeared on TV CHOSUN's 'Mr. Lotto' Mistop Ten special at 10 PM on the 5th and played an active role as a mercenary for the Golden Knights.

First, Seo-ryeong Yoon opened ‘Mr. Lotto’ with the stage of ‘Fly, Whirtle’ with Kwak Ji-eun and Song Do-hyeon. Seo-ryeong Yoon captivated the audience with her deep emotional voice and cool high notes, and then impressed people by revealing a sad emotion that contrasted with her usual refreshing energy.

After finishing the stage, Yoon Seo-ryeong drew attention with a witty introduction, saying, “Actually, since I am ‘Trot Vitamin,’ I came dressed like spinach full of iron to give you vitamins.” Then, ‘Mr. Trot 2’ TOP7 Park Seong He went on stage to compete with On.

Before the stage, Seo-ryeong Yoon said, “Everyone praised me during the performance of ‘Miss Trot 3’ and ‘Hani Baram.’ He confessed his disappointment, saying, “I hoped senior Ahn Seong-hoon would praise me, but he didn’t say a word,” and began performing Song Ga-in’s “Geomungoya,” saying, “I’ll show you why I’m a phoenix.”

Seo-ryeong Yoon not only raised the excitement of the scene with her powerful voice from the first verse, but also drew enthusiastic cheers by showing off her overwhelming skills with explosive high notes. In particular, Yoon Seo-ryeong surprised everyone once again by showing her improved skills compared to 'Miss Trot 3' and achieved an overwhelming victory with 99 points.

Meanwhile, Yoon Seo-ryeong plans to continue to work closely with the public through various stages and broadcasts.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google