Who is the Trot Idol Award recognized by Lee Chan-won?
Who is the Trot Idol Award recognized by Lee Chan-won?
'Talk Partner 25 Hours' introduces the scent of Korea found all over the world.

JTBC's 'Talk Partner 25 Hours', which will be aired on the 8th, will feature a trip to Innsbruck and Hallstatt, Austria, and Shanghai, China. Announcer Lee Soo-bin and exhibition commentator Jeong Woo-cheol will join as guests to captivate viewers with more detailed explanations and explanations.

JTBC's new announcer Lee Soo-bin, who passed the public recruitment exam overcoming a competition rate of 841:1, surprises everyone by choosing Jeon Hyun-moo as her role model. Accordingly, Daniel transmits Jeon Hyun-moo's patented reaction just for Lee Soo-bin, causing laughter. Jung Woo-cheol, who boasts a warm visual befitting his nickname as an idol of the docent world, is raising curiosity as he is said to have emerged as the 'Trot Idol Award' recognized by Lee Chan-won.

On this day's broadcast, Lee Chan-won leaves for Austria, which he chose as the country he most wanted to go to. First, we walk along Maria Theresa Street to learn about the history of Innsbruck and visit the Crystal World created by Austria's leading jewelry brand. While appreciating the splendid exhibition embroidered with dazzling jewels, he even discovered the crystal white jacket worn by I.M. of the group Monsta

After moving to the village of Hallstatt, Tokpawon visits the world's oldest salt mine, where salt has been mined since the Neolithic Age, 7,000 years ago, and the Five Fingers Observatory on Dachstein Mountain, known as a skiing destination, and conveys the beautiful scenery of Austria.

In the 'Talk Partner Direct Purchase' corner, a LAN trip taking place in Shanghai, China's financial center, once again attracts attention. We revisit the history of the Republic of Korea by touring Yeongan Department Store and the historic site of the Shanghai Provisional Government, where photos of the New Year's celebration during the Shanghai Provisional Government were taken.

In addition, TalkPawon arouses curiosity by requesting caricatures of the 'TalkPawon 25 Hour' MCs from a caricature shop in Tianzifang, known as Insa-dong in Shanghai. However, it is said that as soon as the results were revealed, the studio was filled with laughter at the MCs' denial of synchronization.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google