Jin Hae-seong "Oh Yu-jin's first love is me"
Jin Hae-seong "Oh Yu-jin's first love is me"
Part 3 of the TV CHOSUN entertainment show 'Miss Trot 3' Gala Concert, which will be broadcast on the 4th, will reveal the X-files of TOP7 Jeong Seo-ju, Bae Bae-hyun, Oh Yu-jin, Miss Kim, Na-young, Kim So-yeon, and Jeong Seul, and reveal the behind-the-scenes details of members that have not been revealed so far. do.

In response to the story that Trot idol Oh Yu-jin wandered around the waiting room to meet 000 during the contest, the Miss Trot 3 TOP7, excluding Oh Yu-jin, unanimously chose Master Park Ji-hyun. In response, Master Jin Hae-seong said, “Oh Yu-jin’s first love is me. “I think I will be very disappointed if (the correct answer) is not me,” he said, expressing his expectations. It is revealed for the first time whether Park Ji-hyun and Jin Hae-seong might be the people Oh Yu-jin wanted to meet, and the person she secretly harbored a crush on.

In addition, when asked about the food that Jeong Seo-ju was addicted to during the competition and the special diet that Bae Hyun created to sing Trot well, various answers came out one after another, including snacks, jelly, and bungeoppang. However, to the continuing problem, the masters are full of thoughtless answers such as Woohwang Cheongsim pills, mouthwash, genealogy, and amulets.

The Miss Trot 3 audition is over, but another contest begins. This is the ‘Jinsung Song Festival’, which is held with the songs of Master Jinseong, which was proposed directly by Miss Trot 3 TOP7. Gems such as Your Lantern, At Andong Station, and Barley Pass are reinterpreted by Miss Trot 3 TOP7. Master Jinseong said, “It is such a great honor. “Thank you for singing my song.” There is only one throne, but we are looking forward to seeing who will be the new leader in the rankings, which can be changed.

The 'Jinsung Song Festival', filled with the X-Files and sweet songs of 'Miss Trot 3' TOP7, will be broadcast at 10 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google