'Miss Trot 3' Jeong Seong-ju's father looks exactly like Jeon Hyun-moo
'Miss Trot 3' Jeong Seong-ju's father looks exactly like Jeon Hyun-moo
'Miss Trot 3' Jin Seon-mi makes her first entertainment debut through 'Dad and Me'.

In TV CHOSUN's 'Dad and Me', which airs on the 3rd, the complete Jin Seon-mi of 'Miss Trot 3', 'First Sight Voice' Jeong Seong-ju, 'Breaking Cultural Heritage' Bae Hyun, and 'Flawless Trot Champion' Oh Yu-jin will appear. While Jin Seon-mi's family is also becoming the subject of intense interest as is Jin Seon-mi's popularity, Jeong Seo-ju authenticates a photo of her father who 'looks like Jeon Hyun-moo', saying, "My dad looks a lot like Jeon Hyun-moo." In response, Jeon Hyun-moo made a 'satisfying' remark, "Your dad must be a Honam type," and then went back and forth with a "self-diss", saying, "Now most dads look like me."

Beauty Oh Yu-jin confesses her gratitude to her maternal grandmother, who stood by her busy mother, saying, "She was like a mother to me." He then tells the story of his maternal grandmother, who was strict with him, saying, "I grew up under my grandmother's thumb so that I would not be told that I was rude. She emphasized that I had a curfew, that I had to study hard, and that I had to behave politely."

Bae Hyun Bae, who burst into tears at the mere mention of the name 'Dad', even asked, "Please stop talking." Bae Hyun confessed through tears, saying, “My dad did things that others were reluctant to do and supported the funds for my activities up to this point,” adding, “Just looking at his back makes my heart ache.”

‘My Dad and I’ will air at 10 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google