Moon Sang-min showed off his cute charm like a large dog
Moon Sang-min showed off his cute charm like a large dog
A behind-the-scenes cut containing Moon Sang-min's loveliness from 'Wedding Impossible' was released.

On the 1st, the agency Awesome ENT presented a behind-the-scenes cut of Moon Sang-min, who plays the role of Ji-han Lee in the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Impossible' and shows the charm of the character of a younger man with a large dog.

In the photo, Moon Sang-min attracts attention with a sweet smile and eye smile that makes his warm appearance stand out even more. Moon Sang-min is said to have made the scene lively with his cute and playful moments, which contrasted with his tall height of 190cm. Kim Do-wan, who co-starred with brothers, said, "Sang-min makes me feel good when we're together, so filming was always fun." Even in the photo, his cheerful energy, like a ‘human vitamin’, is evident.

In 'Wedding Impossible', Moon Sang-min portrays various aspects of Lee Ji-han's character, who goes through a variety of emotions, from suffering trauma from a childhood accident to loving Na-jeong (played by Jeon Jong-seo) to feeling betrayed after finding out about the fake marriage. is showing. After confirming each other's feelings with Na-jeong, he showed the standard of a younger man with a sly yet kind side, raising the excitement level.

Fans are also responding well to Moon Sang-min, who shows off his lovely charm both on and off camera. Fans who watched the drama are looking up Moon Sang-min's past works and are also showing great interest in the actor's body by subscribing to 'bubble', a private messaging service where artists and fans communicate.

Episode 11 of tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Impossible', which has only two episodes left until the end, will be broadcast at 8:50 pm on the 1st.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google