Jo Bo-ah complained of symptoms of altitude sickness
Jo Bo-ah complained of symptoms of altitude sickness
The four members of tvN's 'Europe Outside Your Tent France - Southern France' enjoyed the spectacular view of Chamonix Mont Blanc, where you can see the ice cap all year round.

In the 6th episode of tvN's 'Europe Outside the Tent - Southern France', which aired on the 31st, the story of the members of 'Ten Outside' who entered Chamonix Mont Blanc was depicted. The members climbed to the observatory on their first journey to conquer Mont Blanc and thoroughly enjoyed the pure white snowy scenery.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, the host site of the '1st Winter Olympics', caught the members' attention with its atmosphere worthy of a mecca for mountaineering activities. The members decided to take the cable car to the 'Aiguille du Midi (3842m)' observatory and see 'Mont Blanc', called the roof of Europe, from the closest point.

The incredible slope and speed of the cable car heading to the observatory provided an unexpected thrill. Ra Mi-ran, who returned to this place nine years after filming the movie 'Himalayas', expressed special feelings. The members who climbed to the Aiguille du Midi observatory continued to admire the panoramic view of Mont Blanc. 'Free spirit' Ryu Hye-young lay down next to a foreign trekker enjoying the sun and felt the dazzling Mont Blanc for herself.

After the photo shoot, which was the highlight of the observatory, was over, Jo Bo-ah showed signs of difficulty, complaining of symptoms of altitude sickness, saying, “I can’t breathe well.” I took medication in advance, but the symptoms came because of the high altitude. Ra Mi-ran took care of Jo Bo-ah by giving her a massage, and fortunately, Jo Bo-ah's symptoms recovered as she came down to the stopover.

The members thoroughly enjoyed the outing, including pickled shepherd's purse gimbap, pain au chocolat, and Mont Blanc beer, with the beautiful snowy mountains in the background. There were also overseas fans who recognized Ra Mi-ran. He expressed his passionate fandom by saying that he had watched the drama ‘Reply 1988’. Fans who even recognized Ryu Hye-young, who plays Sung Bo-ra, were overjoyed and added special memories of the fan meeting to the members.

The members, who had a backpacking schedule planned for the next day, hurried to the camping site. This campsite was the base camp for Europe's best trekking course, 'Tour de Mont Blanc', and was also well-known as a mecca for backpackers. The members were busy trying to get to sleep quickly. Han Ga-in, who was a novice at camping, suddenly became a master at setting up tents, and Bo-ah Jo, although not very skilled, succeeded in setting up her first tent without help.

With the backpacking ahead, the members also went into a very nervous mode. To save time, the four people agreed to eat curry, an a la carte dish, for dinner. The generous selection of ingredients, such as potatoes, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and meat, that could not be given up despite the urgency, caused laughter. Under the leadership of Han Ga-in, a systematic division of labor was carried out and dinner was prepared. 'Bap Hye-young' Ryu Hye-young, who is in charge of rice, was reborn as a rice craftsman by creating a pressure rice cooker using a koppel with a stone on top to hold down an overflowing pot.

The day before backpacking was a day for all members to wash up together. When Ra Mi-ran said, "Actually, I can last until the day after tomorrow," Han Ga-in and Ryu Hye-young said, "Actually, I can too." Han Ga-in said, “I’m worried because I have to wear a hat for two days in a row (if I don’t wash it).” Then, Jo Bo-ah devastated the scene by saying to Han Ga-in, who came back with her perm for the first time in about 20 years for 'Europe Outside the Tent', "Why did you come here with your hair like yours?"

After finishing their meal in the shortest amount of time, the members decided to prepare in advance to leave the next day. With Ryu Hye-young's words, "Shall we eat now?" as a signal, the members began their additional work in earnest, such as boiling seaweed soup and boiling dried vegetables, causing laughter. Attention is focused on how the members' journey to survive in the real wilderness without electricity, water, or heating will go, and the next story of the members who are attempting wilderness backpacking for the first time in the entire series.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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