Lee Hye-won announces divorce from Ahn Jung-hwan
Lee Hye-won announces divorce from Ahn Jung-hwan
Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Hye-won were immersed in the realistic hardships of Park Jung-bin and Park Cecilie, a married couple of active soccer players, saying, “It’s like my story.”

In the 27th episode of Channel A's entertainment program 'Family Beyond the Line', which aired on the 29th, the daily lives of Mongolian, Italian, and French 'Family Beyond the Line' were revealed and attracted attention as they introduced various regions of each country. Studio guests on this day included Lee Su from Mongolia, Christina from Italy, and Fabian from France, who gave interesting explanations about their home countries.

On this day's broadcast, MC Lee Hye-won watched Cecilie Park living overseas as the wife of a soccer player and said, "I also couldn't settle down in one place and kept traveling overseas, so I had no household of my own. “At the time, I had a strong desire to take root somewhere in my young mind, but looking back, even that was something I was grateful for,” he said, creating a deep sense of empathy and creating a lasting impression.

First, Dae-yeol Lee and Zia of ‘Mongolian Sunnum Fam’ conducted the ‘Zia Tour’ to introduce the real Mongolia. They headed to a traditional Mongolian restaurant and ate choiwan (Mongolian-style stir-fried noodles) and braised beef ribs. Lee Soo, a guest from Mongolia, was impressed by the huge amount of meat by firmly saying, “If you use a fork and there is no meat, it’s not Mongolian food.” I brought it up. After eating beef ribs by the bone, they arrived at Terelj National Park, where they could feel the great nature of Mongolia. After admiring the ‘landmarks’ of Turtle Rock and Aryabal Temple, we enjoyed traditional Mongolian experiences, such as holding an eagle on our hands and going on a hike on a Mongolian horse.

Afterwards, the two arrived at their accommodation, a traditional Mongolian house called 'ger', and seeing the ger, which had been completely renovated in a modern style, made all the cast members eager to travel to Mongolia. As night fell, Jia's friends arrived at the ger and exchanged greetings, and Lee Dae-yeol and Jia held a 'pork belly party' for their local friends using ingredients directly imported from Korea. Following the 'pork belly ssam' made with kimchi, myeongnamul, and pickled garlic, which sold like hot cakes, and when 'ssamjang' received an explosive response, Fabian and Christina vividly testified that "foreign people really like ssamjang." Lastly, they had a fun meeting until late at night, engaging in the 'Perilla Leaf Debate', a common topic of K-Discussion.

Hyewon Lee responded to the question, "My female friend is wearing padding on a very cold day. Ahn Jung-hwan zipped up the padding. Is that okay?" and said without hesitation, "I should get a divorce."
Lee Hye-won announces divorce from Ahn Jung-hwan
Lee Hye-won announces divorce from Ahn Jung-hwan
Next, the 'Italian Sunnum Fam' Kwon Seong-deok and Julia couple reappeared. They headed to Bologna, the ‘city of red roofs’, early in the morning. While walking along the endless streets of Bologna's characteristic 'arcades', Kwon Seong-deok surprised everyone by having a surprise meeting with members of the 'fan club' who were waiting for him. Amid Ahn Jung-hwan's suspicions, "You went all the way from Korea to Italy to see Seong-deok, didn't you pay money to cast her?", Kwon Seong-deok revealed the news, "I will be the MC for a K-POP singing contest," and met with his wife Julia and other fan club members. We headed to the K-POP event venue at the Bologna ‘Media Content Expo’ together.

More than 1,000 Italian K-POP fans gathered at the venue, and in addition to a cover dance competition and a 'random play dance' event, there was also a booth selling official albums released in Korea and personally drawn 'fan art'. After touring the event venue, Kwon Seong-deok went on stage at the 'K-Singing Contest' event and showed off his skillful hosting. Following this, Italians sang Red Velvet's 'Psycho', Lee Hi's 'ONLY', and Blackpink Jennie's 'SOLO' in perfect Korean, along with the audience's 'singing in unison', sparking global interest in K-culture. It made me realize. The moment the atmosphere reached its peak, Kwon Seong-deok was also asked to sing a song. After thinking for a moment, Kwon Seong-deok performed a 'rootless dance' to Seo Taiji and Boys' 'I Know', drawing sighs from the studio cast.

Lastly, Park Jeong-bin and Park Cecilie, a couple living in Occitanie, France, appeared. Park Jung-bin, a soccer player playing for France's Ligue 2 Rhodes AF, and his wife Park Cecilie performed a 'morning training routine' together and returned home to continue soccer training. Afterwards, Cecilie Park served avocado toast and protein pancakes to Jungbin Park, the so-called ‘Ronaldo diet’. When a cast member who saw this asked about Ahn Jung-hwan's diet during his active years, Lee Hye-won revealed a 'trade secret' by saying, "I ate asparagus, 10 roasted garlic cloves, and ground yam every day."

At the same time, he expressed his difficulties by saying, "I ground the yam every day. When I peeled it, the hemp became poisonous and I had a hard time for a few days. Later, even though I was wearing gloves, it still spread."

The couple, who were on holiday, went to Toulouse, the 'City of Roses', and went shopping. Cecilie Park tried to make 'Galnaktang', a Korean health food, for Park Jeong-bin, who had lost energy due to the cold weather. Cecilie Park, who had no idea that octopus and octopus were different types, returned after buying 'octopus legs' from the fish store and had a hard time preparing the ingredients. In the end, while the route was changed from 'Galnaktang' to 'Galmuntang', Cecilie Park, after much struggle, completed a 'Korean set meal' for Park Jungbin, including galmuntang, mushroom pot rice, and vegetable pancake, and Park Jungbin prepared the table with a national representative level reaction. I emptied it thoroughly and expressed my gratitude to my wife.

During a cozy meal, Cecilie Park confessed her concerns, saying, “I think we could have had a baby if our lives were stable, but since we travel around the country a lot, there are parts of it that are unstable.” Park Jung-bin was also studying sports management as a career after becoming an active player due to the pressure to ‘settle down’. In response to a conversation between a couple contemplating the future, Ahn Jung-hwan said, “When a soccer player plays, his body automatically sends a signal to stop,” adding, “I hope you don’t give up until then. He warmly advised, “If you overcome one hurdle, think that your career as a player will be extended by one more year.”

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