Hwang Jeong-eum tries to make an extreme choice
Hwang Jeong-eum tries to make an extreme choice
‘Resurrection of the Seven’ started with a viewership rating of 4.4% for the first episode.

In the SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'Resurrection of the Seven', which aired on the 29th, the twist of Geum Ra-hee (played by Hwang Jung-eum), the 'incarnation of desire' who is overcome with guilt after realizing her mistake, and Min preparing for revenge against Matthew Lee (played by Shim Jun-seok/Eom Ki-jun). It contains images of new condemners who escape from evil and are reborn, including the resurrection of Do-hyuk (played by Lee Joon).

On this day, Min Do-hyuk, who was in a coma, woke up like a miracle. The world had completely turned upside down. With the help of Geum Ra-hee, Matthew Lee transformed into Lee Hwi-so again and became a 'national hero'. He became even more powerful by using his solidarity with 'evil' to steal money from Chairman Bang Chil-seong (Lee Deok-hwa). Ban Min Do-hyuk became a wanted serial killer Shim Jun-seok, and the entire nation was continuing to attack the Sungchan Group.

Min Do-hyuk returned from hell and plotted a new plan for revenge. The 'real' Lee Hwi-so (played by Min Young-ki) began working together to regain the power of Matthew Lee's absolute power, 'Luca', and began preparing to return from wanted criminal Shim Jun-seok to Min Do-hyuk. Matthew Lee was enjoying a peaceful life, controlling the evildoers he had placed in the palm of his hand. For his new plan, he declared that Yang Jin-mo (played by Yoon Jong-hoon) would become the Deputy Mayor for Political Affairs of Seoul and ordered Go Myeong-ji (played by Jo Yoon-hee) to become a perfect disguised couple.

Geum Ra-hee remained loyal to Matthew Lee and enjoyed a prosperous life. As he was packing for a business trip to the United States, he found Matthew Lee's hard disk that he had forgotten in his bag. And I accidentally saw an unexpected video in a file I opened. We come face to face with the sincerity of Bang Da-mi (played by Jeong Ra-el), who tried to protect Geum Ra-hee even at the moment of her tragic death at the hands of Sim Jun-seok (played by Kim Do-hoon). Geum Ra-hee tried to make an extreme choice due to unbearable guilt, but at that moment, an illusion of Park Nan-young (Seo Young-hee) appeared before her eyes. “We are Dami’s mom. The words “You do it for me” greatly shook Geum Ra-hee’s heart.

Determined to kill 'K' first and receive the punishment, he entered Matthew Lee's villa with a solemn heart. However, unexpected people arrived there first. It was Min Do-hyuk and Kang Ki-tak (played by Yoon Tae-young) who were searching Matthew Lee's computer to find out the password of the USB left behind by the 'real' Lee Hwi-so. At that time, Matthew Lee arrived at the villa, and Geum Ra-hee broke the ceramics to let them know so that they could escape. A crisis also befell Geum Ra-hee, who lured Matthew Lee's subordinates. Geum Ra-hee, who ran away into the forest and stepped on a trap, lost consciousness in front of a small hospital. He barely regained consciousness, but his leg had to be amputated. In the end, Geum Ra-hee decided to endure the punishment with her whole body.
Hwang Jeong-eum tries to make an extreme choice
Hwang Jeong-eum tries to make an extreme choice
Min Do-hyuk and Kang Ki-tak, who escaped the crisis, safely found out the USB password and obtained all the information about ‘Luca’. Min Do-hyuk also reached out to Michelle (played by Yuju), who was suffering from guilt for helping 'K', who drove her younger sister to death, asking for help. Min Do-hyuk studied coding day and night to decipher the update source of 'Luca', and succeeded in getting to the core of 'Luca'. But Matthew Lee was a formidable opponent. He planted a bug in ‘Luca’ to prepare for situations where he would be in danger. Min Do-hyuk had to find another way to take control of ‘K’ and ‘Luca’ again.

Geum Ra-hee returned to Tiki Taka with a completely undisturbed appearance. At the same time, director Michelle also visited Matthew Lee, saying he wanted to film an observational documentary about Lee Hwi-so. Matthew Lee was not pleased, but Geum Ra-hee accepted the offer and put forward new conditions. The documentary will introduce 'Children Home', an app that finds missing children being developed by Tiki Taka. Only then did Matthew Lee accept Michelle's proposal.

This was actually Geum Ra-hee's plan to help Michelle. He knew in advance that Michelle had joined hands with Min Do-hyuk and planned to take down Matthew Lee. Geum Ra-hee's plan to punish the wicked was beginning. In addition, ahead of the release of Michelle's movie 'Dear D', Geum Ra-hee's 'bloody revenge' against Han Mo-ne (played by Lee Yu-bi) was also announced. Geum Ra-hee's warning, “Han-mone, it starts with you,” heightened tension by making people even more curious about future developments.

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